How To : Draw a head, impeccably

An incredible step by step breakdown for how to draw a head and learn facial proportions, courtesy of the Academy of Art University. This guided tutorial will bring out your inner Picasso in no time. Draw a head, impeccably. Click through to watch this video on academyart.edu

How To : Draw a realistic face on your computer

This tutorial demonstrates for the budding digital artist how to draw a realistic face in Paint on their computer. The figure still has a bit of an amine / manga look about its eyes, but the other facial proportions are spot-on and sure to impress, especially when attached to ...more

How To : Measure to draw portraits

It takes a lot of skill and practice to draw portraits freehand and have the proportions turn out accurately. It takes time to learn facial proportions. In this multi-part video, you'll learn how to sketch in the proportions of the face so you'll always draw faces accurately. ...more

How To : Draw Eminem's face completely from memory

This tutorial shows you how you can draw a picture of Eminmem almost completely from memory. Draw the rap star in three quarters view, and make sure that you have all the facial proportions (such as the spacing of the eyes and lips) correct.

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