Factoring Polynomials

How To : Factor polynomials in algebra using the GCF method

Need to know how to factor polynomials using the GCF method? Learn how with this free video algebra lesson. From Ramanujan to calculus co-creator Gottfried Leibniz, many of the world's best and brightest mathematical minds have belonged to autodidacts. And, thanks to the Inter ...more

How To : Factor & find zeros of a polynomial

This is the video about how to Factor & find zeros of a polynomial. How did I know that x=1 and x=-1 were roots of the polynomial. Suppose the polynomial has a rational root, let's call it. I will assume that p and q are co prime, i.e., the fraction is reduced to lowest terms. ...more

How To : Factor perfect square polynomials

Learn how to factor perfect square polynomials and how to solve equations using the square root property. From Ramanujan to calculus co-creator Gottfried Leibniz, many of the world's best and brightest mathematical minds have belonged to autodidacts. And, thanks to the Interne ...more

How To : Solve polynomial equations in factored form

This video walks you through the steps of solving polynomials in factored form. This excellent video shows you a clean blackboard, with the instructors voice showing exactly what to do. Don't fret, any question you may have, will be answered. Watching this video will make you ...more

How To : Factor polynomials by grouping

A factoring problem that has to be solved by grouping is easy to identify, because you can always identify if there are any similar terms in a polynomial. Now, if you find any variable common in any terms pull them out as the common leaving the rest of the terms. After pulling ...more

How To : Factor a trinomial, GCF, then unfoil

In this video the instructor shows how to factor a polynomial. A polynomial having three terms is called as trinomial. Now if you factor it you will obtain two binomials whose product will be the original polynomial. Before factoring a polynomial you need to find out if the po ...more

How To : Factor trinomials in a very simple way

In this video, they demonstrate how to factor a trinomial. A trinomial is a polynomial with a quadratic term in the form, ax^2+bx+c. To factor this polynomial first multiply the a and c term. You must fine two numbers that multiply to a*c and add up to b. Once you have figured ...more

How To : Factor a trinomial

In this video the instructor shows how to factor a general quadratic polynomial. Here the first step is to identify the coefficient of the squared term. Write the reciprocal of the numerical coefficient of the squared term out side and write two separate parenthesis which are ...more

How To : Multiply algebraic fractions

This video offers some insight into a few more difficult concepts of mathematics by teaching you how to multiply algebraic fractions. Given polynomials in fraction form, you should first try to factor all your polynomials into their simplest form in the hopes that some factors ...more

How To : Use the Grouping factoring method

This video is about using the grouping factoring method. We're using a four term polynomial. There is a even number of terms. We can break them into two groups of 2. The first group of "2" the common factor is "a." The last group, the common factor is "-2b". The reason we use ...more

How To : Factor the GCF and difference of squares

In this video the instructor shows how to factor the GCF and difference of squares. When you are asked to factorize a number or monomial or a polynomial, the way to do is break it down into individual terms. When asked to factorize a binomial, try to pull out any common terms ...more

How To : Use the Difference of Squares factoring method

For more advanced math, you will need to use the difference of squares in order to factor certain polynomials. This video offers the basic technique for this factoring method as well as a few examples to get you started. In order for this factoring technique to work, you will ...more

How To : Use the Complex Trinomial factoring method

A video from free math tutoring that teaches you a method of factorization of a complex polynomial. The tutor shown in the video demonstrates how to factorize common functions of a variable by the factor method. This video isn't for advanced learners of mathematics. It is for ...more

How To : Find the greatest common factor

If you've ever been asked to find the GCF, or Greatest Common Factor, of a series of numbers or algebraic expressions, check out this video to learn how. The methods for finding the greatest common factor for a series of numbers and for an algebraic expression are similar. S ...more

How To : Do synthetic division in intermediate algebra

In this free video math lesson YAY MATH, we learn how to divide a polynomial by a linear factor (e.g., x - a) using synthetic division. With mathematics, as with anything else, not everyone progresses at the same rate. Algebra is no exception. Happily, in the age of Internet v ...more

How To : Find points of intersection in different equations

In this tutorial the instructor shows how to solve linear and quadratic equations. It is a liner quadratic system where he shows a parabola and a straight line and he intends to solve the points where the line intersects the parabola. Now he uses comparison to compare the valu ...more

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