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News : Rug Burn the Family Jewels on 8 Wheels

A Guinness World Record has been set by nine-year-old student Rohan Ajit Kokane, from Belgaum in the Southern Indian state of Karnataka. The record was set this past spring for blindfold limbo skating when Rohan passed under a car, clearing a height of 6.75 inches. Ok, so he' ...more

How To : Commemorate your family by making a family tree

Whether you're fond of your bazillion nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, and siblings or not, a family tree is a nice way to trace your bloodline, past and present, in historical and memorable way. This is a 2-part tutorial on how to make a 11 x 14 family tree. You write the nam ...more

How To : Make a family quilt

Are you interested in creating something special that you can pass down to your child? Learn how to make a family quilt in this free home decor video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Make a family quilt. Make a family quilt - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on exp ...more

How To : Choose a rabbit for a family pet

Learn why size, training, and friendliness make rabbits good family pets with expert tips in this free pet care video clip. Part 1 of 17 - How to Choose a rabbit for a family pet. Choose a rabbit for a family pet - Part 2 of 17. Click through to watch this video on expertvilla ...more

How To : Organize a family reunion

Create lasting memories by organizing a well-planned family reunion. This video will show you how to organize a family reunion. Step 1. Form a committee Form a family-reunion committee to select and invite guests, coordinate planning, and form subcommittees for various tasks ...more

How To : Take a family portrait

Looking to get your family together somehow? Why not a family portrait? It's both a great keepsake and as an excuse to get everyone together. In this video, learn how to snap a great family portrait. You Will Need: • A large group of family members • A camera • A tripod • ...more

How To : File a motion in family court

Check out this instructional legal video sequence that shows you how to file a motion in family court. This video contains important information on preparing and serving a motion in family court. The most common reasons for filing a motion are to request a court order affectin ...more

How To : Research Your Family Tree Online

Are you interested in beginning research of your family's history? I began this journey about 3 or 4 years ago and here is what I found. I've done almost ALL of my research online, and gotten farther, faster and more comprehensively than anyone else who has researched my famil ...more

How To : Research your genealogy and family tree

Researching genealogy takes a little enterprise and the skills of a master sleuth.. Watch this video to learn how to research your genealogy and family tree. You Will Need * A notebook * A tape recorder * Internet access Step 1. Interview Record interviews with family memb ...more

How To : Repair your dysfunctional family with feng shui

This video is about showing you how to use feng shui in repairing your dysfunctional family and getting rid of the bad vibes that may be in your home, re-energizing the foundation of love. The family center is located on the left center of your home. The element for the family ...more

News : Xbox Live Family Plan Coming Soon

From Gaming Age: An Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack includes: Up to four individual Xbox LIVE Gold memberships for the price of two - (US) $99.99. Family Center - a single, easy to use, destination for Family Settings and account management, accessible on the Xbox dashboard and ...more

How To : Mass add hundreds of Mafia Wars family

Hack Mafia Wars. Mafia Wars hacks, glitches, cheats. Mafia Wars is a popular facebook app / game. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to mass add hundreds of Mafia Wars family. Learn how to mass add your new friends into Mafia Wars - automatically and also w/o Facebook pin ...more

How To : Build a traditional family house in Sims 3

Want to give your sim family the traditional family home with the yard and the white picket fence? This tutorial shows you how to build the house that is in everyone's mind when they think of a traditional family home.

News : Family

Once you get married and have a spouse and babies, you can get them to do chores with you. Click on your family member so the little star is over their head, then click on the chores you need done. You can do chores at the same time by clicking on yourself and selecting other ...more

How To : Find the family tree achievements in Godfather II

In this video, we learn how to find the family tree achievements in Godfather II. All of these involve you manipulating the family tree. For the right hand man, you have to promote one of your soldiers and give them a different ability. The second in command achievements will ...more

Family Fun : Three Kids in The Yard

This picture is the basis of my first how-to blog post. I made it a couple summers ago with a neighborhood family. I really wanted to show how much fun the kids. I could have tried to capture each of them individually in one perfect shot but this picture is the real story! Suc ...more

How To : Say family members in Russian

Check out this Russian language tutorial video that covers the vocabulary for family members in Russian. Learn how to say mother, father, brother, sister, son, and daughter as well as a few phrases including "Von tam" and "Vot tot." Practice your Russian language skills with R ...more

How To : Make a scrapbook page to honor the family pet

This video demonstrates how to honor the family pet with it's own scrapbook page. You learn techniques such a; creating a tile and how to stitch and distress a scrapbook page. Make a scrapbook page to honor the family pet. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Ask for money from a friend or family member

Need money fast but don't want to take out a loan? Asking a friend or family member for money is a sensitive undertaking. If you take the necessary steps, you’ll get what you need and ensure them that their money will be repaid. You Will Need: • A list of friends • A calcul ...more

News : Fake death on my family

Ok, I dont care what prank we pull on my family. If they think I'm dead for a day or two, I think that would be great! My original idea for this I think was going too far or actually would have taken too much time and probably would have cost too much money. Hopefully this wou ...more

News : Google's Family Link Just Got a Lot More Useful

Last month, Google introduced the Family Link app. This app, much needed in a world where the average age of kids first getting a smartphone is just over 10 years old, allows parents to set some limits on their children's phone usage. However, the app premiered with one caveat ...more

How To : Trace your family tree with Ancestral Quest

Have you been wondering if George Washington is related to you, what about Christopher Columbus, maybe even John Wilkes Booth? Well, with a little help from Ancestral Quest, you might just find out. Check out this video tutorial on how to get started using Ancestral Quest. Yo ...more

How To : Build a backyard home theater for family movie night

Make family movie night extra special by holding it outdoors! If your backyard is big enough and the weather where you live lets you, you can set up your own home theater in the backyard! All you need is a screen, projector, DVD player and a sound system.

How To : Decorate your wall with great family treasures

For some, this may be considered a "London" wall, but to others it's a wall that has some of the most important pieces of family treasures and art hanging on it. This tutorial will give you some tips on how to decorate your wall easily. Things like children pictures, art, and ...more

How To : Create & share a Google Calendar with your family

Want to create a Google Calendar and share it with your entire family or office? It's easy! So easy, in fact, that this free home computing how-to can present a complete (and somewhat talky) overview of the process in just over two minutes' time. For specifics, and to start cr ...more

How To : Feed your family healthy meals on a tight budget

Sure, junk food offers lots of calories for not much money. But you can create your own "happy" meals that are tasty, nutritious, and inexpensive. Certain foods to think about are oatmeal, evaporated milk, frozen and canned vegetables, seasonal fruits, bananas, apples, nuts, m ...more

How To : Face HIV as a family

Cory Norlund, a person living with HIV, and his mother Diana Norlund discuss how their family dealt with the news that Cory was HIV positive. He and his mother now make individual or joint presentations about HIV/AIDS under the auspices of the not-for-profit organization He In ...more

How To : Create a PowerPoint family tree

What a wonderful alternative use for a Powerpoint presentation. If you've got a lot of history and ancestry to share with your friends, then making a Powerpoint that each person can view from his/her computer is a nice way to organize and show off your stuff. This Microsoft O ...more

How To : Draw Meg Griffin 'Family Guy'

Learn How to draw Meg Griffin 'Family Guy' with the best drawing tutorial online. For the full tutorial with step by step & speed control visit: How to draw Video: . .

How To : Draw Glen Quagmire (Family Guy)

Learn How to Draw Glen Quagmire (Family Guy) with the best drawing tutorial online. For the full tutorial with step by step & speed control visit: How to draw Video: . .

How To : Draw Stewie from (Family Guy)

Learn How to draw Stewie (Family Guy) with the best drawing tutorial online. For the full tutorial with step by step & speed control visit : how to draw. Video: .

How To : Draw Family Guy Characters

Learn How to draw Family Guy Characters with the best drawing tutorial online. For the full tutorial with step by step & speed control visit: how to draw Video: . .

How To : Draw Glen Quagmire (Family Guy)

Learn How to draw Glen Quagmire (family guy) with the best drawing tutorial online. For the full tutorial with step by step & speed control visit: how to draw Video: . .

How To Live Underwater : A Nevada Family's Bubble Fort

Would you rather live far up in the trees? Or deep underwater? A Nevada family of scuba divers have built the ultimate childhood getaway: the Needham family's "Bubble Room" is an underwater fort that sits at the bottom of a lake in the Sierras. The room is an air-filled pocke ...more

How To : Draw Stewie Griffin from Family Guy

The Family Guy's Stewie Griffin is one of the most recognizable cartoon characters on Fox today. This bundle of joy can make anybody league, no matter how old you are. Stewie is the youngest out of three children and seems to be the smartest as well. Stewie is sort of a villai ...more

How To : Make a chicken and couscous meal for your family

This meal is healthy, quick and delicious! For the chicken, you will need: 2 large boneless chicken breasts, 1/2 cup hoisin sauce, 1 1/2 cups low fat Italian dressing, 3 tablespoons ketchup, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 2 tablespoons minced garlic and 3 tablespoons Chardonnay. For ...more

How To : Make a family-style "Taco Tuesdays" dinner

By now, the phrase "Taco Tuesdays" has acquired a sort of all-American, mass produced, and "lazy mother" sort of connotation, as many types of frozen tacos can be easily acquired at the grocery store and then simply heated for a meal. But if you make tacos from scratch they'r ...more

How To : Draw Stewie from "Family Guy" easily

In this video, a young boy shows us exactly how simple and easy it is to draw Stewie from "The Family Guy". Using a piece of paper and a writing or drawing instrument, anyone can learn how to draw this easy cartoon character's face. You should start with the outline of his hea ...more

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