News : Add-ons for FarmVille

Warnings Warning! These links are not all approved by Zynga. You use them at your own risk! I'm providing these only to give you an idea of some things that are out there. Make sure you test them out for yourself or find a version that works for your browser before you commit ...more

How To : Remove The Farmville Application On Facebook

Help your non-active friends remove the FarmVille application. We all have friends who have installed Farmville at one time or another and then end up quitting the game. But since they might be real life friends, we do not want to delete them from our friend list. Here are so ...more

How To : Send unlimited gifts in Farmville in a few minutes

In Zynga's uber popular web game Farmville, you really do receive as much as you give out. Being a good neighbor to your cyber friends means you score lots of loot - via Farmville "gifts" - but you gotta send a few, too. If you find yourself bombarded by too many gifts to sen ...more

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