Fat Calipers

How To : Use a digital caliper to measure body fat

A digital caliper is a good way to keep track of your body fat. With a caliper, you can measure body fat and keep track of your new diet or workout routine. This way, you will know the difference between muscle and fat, and not have to rely as much on the scale. A digital cali ...more

How To : Measure body fat using a caliper on a bodybuilder

Body fat is very important to keep track of in bodybuilding. One way to measure your body fat is with a device called a caliper. Calipers are easy to read, accurate, require no electric current and are cheap to buy. In this three part series, observe how a caliper is used on a ...more

How To : Measure your body fat

One of the easiest ways to measure body fat is by using hydrostatic weighing. It is based on Archimedes' principle, the law of buoyancy. It works by calculating body fat from measuring the amount of displaced water after a person has been immersed under water. Since muscle is ...more

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