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Install & use CDBurnerXP : Free CD/DVD burning software

In this Software video tutorial you will learn how to install & use CDBurnerXP: Free CD/DVD burning software. It is compatible with Windows XP and Vista. Open up a browser and go to CDBurner. Click on downloads, download and install the file. Open it up and select your languag ...more

How To : Bypass Windows and Linux Passwords

If you're interested in bypassing Windows and Linux passwords, there is a great tool from the good people at Kryptoslogic. Have you ever forgotten your administrator password? Have you ever bought a used computer with a password on it? Well, Kryptoslogic have created a boot-di ...more

News : Do the Do!

We are embarking upon a new year. As usual, some of us will make "resolutions." There isn't anything wrong with setting goals for the year. It's actually a good idea. It may help focus the energy we bring to life. A karateka may be excused if he or she makes only one resolutio ...more

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