Fireplace Mantle

How To : Attach a fireplace mantle

Tim Carter demonstrates how to use a hidden French cleat to attach a gorgeous fireplace mantel to a wall. Learn this clever way to attach the mantel to the wall without using screws or nails. The challenge is to mount a fireplace mantel to the wall without putting screws or n ...more

How To : Make over a fireplace with tile and a mantle

If you have just recently moved into a home with an old drab fireplace, a good makeover may be in need. Brick fireplaces can be easily painted over and even adjusted so new tile can be installed. This tutorial will show you how to make over a fireplace using tile and a mantle. ...more

How To : Build a fireplace mantel

Have an interest in building a protruded mantelpiece for your fireplace? It's easy. So easy, in fact, that this free woodworker's guide can present a complete overview of the process in fewer than 10 minutes. For more information, including a step-by-step look at the mantel (o ...more

How To : Make a fireplace the focal point in a room

Have a boring fireplace that seems to be a sight for sore eyes in the living room? Build a mantle or change the facade to make your fireplace the focal point. Watch this how to video and get a few tips on how to spruce up a drab looking fireplace.

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