Fisherman Bend

How To : Tie an anchor bend or fisherman's bend knot

A Fisherman's Bend is used to attach a line to a pole. It is sometimes called an anchor knot because it is also used to secure the rode to an anchor. Tie an anchor bend or fisherman's bend knot. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Tie the Double Fisherman's Bend Knot for climbing

Learn how to tie the Double Fisherman's Bend Knot for climbing. The animated knot tying tutorial is the best you'll find. With this knot tying how to, you can tie the Double Fisherman's Bend Knot fast or slow, or pause it at every step along the way. Learn to tie knots for you ...more

How To : Tie the Anchor Hitch or Fisherman's Bend knot

The Anchor Hitch or Fishermans Bend Knot: Learn knot tying. The Anchor Hitch or Fishermans Bend knot is related to the round turn & and two half hitches, but is more secure. Typical use for this knot: attaching a rope to a ring, eg. on an anchor. Tie the Anchor Hitch or Fishe ...more

How To : Tie the anchor bend knot for boating

The Anchor Bend is the boating knot generally used to fasten a line to an anchor. The free end should be secured with seizing to the standing line for a permanent, secure knot. One side of a Double Fisherman’s also makes a good backup knot to this and any knot. Make two turns ...more

How To : Tie a simple overhand bend knot

Know your knots! With this free video tutorial, you'll learn how to tie a simple overhand bend knot. Overhand bend knots are extremely simple, but there are several variations to them as well. The knot is easy to tie provided, of course, you know how to go about making it. For ...more

How To : Tie two ropes together with different knots

For those who didn't learn any knot-tying skills in scouts, or have forgotten them all now, this video demonstration shows how to do knots from basic to more advanced knots such as Sheet Bend, Fisherman's Knot, Square Knot and Thief's Knot. Knot tying is essential for camping, ...more

How To : Fish for bass using a square-billed crankbait

If you're bass fisherman, then you know that the lipless crankbait is the bait you want in your fishing box. It's great for catching roaming fish chasing bait fish. However, there is an alternative you could use— a square-billed shallow running crankbait. They both are used in ...more

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