How To : Fix iPhone Freeze

iOS 6 and above freezes on iPhone 4 and 4s randomly. Step 1. Your phone should have Assistive Touch enabled. Step 2. When the phone freezes, tap on Assistive Touch and click on Voice Control. Step 3. Speak a name to dial from your address book and wait until the dialer pad a ...more

How To : Fix iPhone reception problems using a rubber band

Don't waste money on a bumper cover from Apple to save the reception on your new iPhone. In this clip, learn how to take a simple rubberband and solve all of your dropped call worries! This method is cheap, easy and well worth a shot. Best of all? It seems to work with all mod ...more

News : Top 10 Ways to Fix iPhone 4 Woes

Having trouble with your iPhone 4 voice reception? You're not alone. Thankfully Apple has made it clear with press release after press release that it's not their fault, it's ours. And they're right! Apple can only do so much; if people keep messing up so badly they're going t ...more

How To : Get album artwork on your iPhone with iTunes

Watch this iPhone tutorial video to learn how to make your iPhone's Cover Flow beautiful with complete album artwork. This how-to video offers tips on fixing iPhone cover flow gaps that new iPhone owners and experienced iPhone users alike will appreciate.

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