How To : Forge a steel striker for flint and steel

Watch this instructional blacksmithing video to forge a high carbon steel striker for flint and steel. The flint and steel striker served as the original portable lighter. Flint and steel lighters are also used on outdoor trips to light camp fires. These detailed instructions ...more

How To : Make a spark by using flint and steel

This video shows how even the cheapest file can act as a striker. Use a standard micro file to make a spark. Do not prep it in any way and, in fact, don't even remove the teeth from the file. This a good, but short, closeup on the process.

How To : Craft flint and steel in Minecraft

Flint and steel is one of the most useful combinations in history, up there with salt and pepper and Salt N Pepa. To get this fire starting tool for your own use in your Minecraft world, watch this video and learn how to craft flint and steel.

How To : Make fire from just flint and steel

This video is just to show you how to make fire from steel and lint. What more do you need to know? Use an Altoids tin to hold your kit. Just make sure your children don't think it's candy.

How To : Start a fire with a flint and steel

Brush up on your survival skills with help from this video. In this outdoor training tutorial, learn how to correctly start a fire using a flint and steel using paper and tissue. In the wild, without paper and tissue, a leaf and dry grass would most likely be used. Get your fi ...more

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