How To : Foam a container for floral arrangements

The art of floral arrangement is a fun & valuable skill. Dana Plazyk lends useful tips and tricks on making simple flower arrangements. Making sure a container is well prepared to hold a floral is the very first important step in floral arranging. Learn how to glue floral foa ...more

How To : Cut silk flower stems for floral arrangements

If you've worked with silks, you know that sometimes stems are hard to cut. In this video tutorial, Dana Plazyk of Flowers by Design shows you some simple techniques and special tools to get the job done! See how to design and cut silk flower stems for floral arrangements.

How To : Make a door spray floral arrangement

The art of floral arrangement is a fun & valuable skill. Dana Plazyk lends useful tips and tricks on making simple flower arrangements. Decorate your door with a beautiful flower spray. Use silk flowers to create an inviting bouquet that will have your guests "ooh" and "ahh."

How To : Make a silk hydrangea floral centerpiece

The art of floral arrangement is a fun & valuable skill. Dana Plazyk lends useful tips and tricks on making simple flower arrangements. Making a hydrangea centerpiece using silk flowers allows you to enjoy the beauty of the garden year round. Mophead hydrangeas in every stage ...more

How To : Create a flower arrangement with a floral cage

In this tutorial, Sandy from Afloral.com shows you how to make a Floracage holder arrangement using fresh flowers. The Floracage keeps your flowers and greenery looking fresh and healthy when soaked in water. Watch this how to video and you will be arranging flowers in a flora ...more

How To : Make a traditional floral centerpiece arrangement

The art of floral arrangement is a fun and valuable skill. Dana Plazyk of Flowers by Design lends useful tips and tricks on making simple flower arrangements. Centerpieces will add the final touch to any decor. In this three-part series, Dana shows you step-by-step instructio ...more

How To : Make a floral Birthday "cake" table centerpiece

This video describes how to make a "no calorie" birthday cake centerpiece with carnations in soft and sweet hues of pink, yellow, white and cantaloupe. first a flower foam was taken. Then the toothpicks were used to join the flower foam together. Then trace out a circle from t ...more

How To : Make a round floral centerpiece

Sandy from Afloral.com shows you how to make a round floral centerpiece with this flower arrangement tutorial. This centerpiece is a beautiful addition to any table. Watch this how to video and you can make this round floral centerpiece for your next event.

How To : Make a floral bow or tying ribbon

This video teaches the secrets of making a floral bow or tying a ribbon in simple steps. First take a piece of ribbon, make a loop, twist and hold it. Now make a loop to the side, twist and hold and make another loop to its opposite side. Now make two more loops in the same wa ...more

How To : Create a fresh flower arrangement with floral foam

In this tutorial, Sandy from Afloral.com shows you how to make a fresh flower arrangement and use fresh foam. Fresh floral foam is a great way to create a long lasting flower arrangement. Watch this how to video and you will be able to make a fresh flower arrangement in no time.

How To : Create a floral $2 reversible wrap skirt

Making your own dress saves you enough money as it is, and you'll be double the frugalista if you make that dress reversible. Though creating a two-sided reversible dress sounds hard to do, by adding a few tie straps it's about as easy as sewing an apron. Watch this episode o ...more

How To : Make a floral & ribbon corsage

In order to make a floral ribbon corsage, you will need the following: floral tape, leaves, springs, flowers, wristband, and clippers You will begin by working around the floral that you start with at the center. Start with your initial flower. Use floral tape to adhere your ...more

How To : Decorate a floral damask birthday cake

Birthdays can be made even more special if you bake and decorate the birthday cake yourself. While we would never turn down a cookies'n'cream ice cream cake, chowing down on a cake made by a loved one is a much more cherished experience. Check out this cake decorating video t ...more

How To : Create a lovely indoor floral basket bouquet

This is a great way to liven up your home! A basket bouquet can bring any room to life. To get started, you'll need a basket of your choice, liner, some moss and an assortment of plants. Get some simple advice for choosing your basket and how to get the right plants to complim ...more

How To : Sew a ruffled floral crop top

Want to get the bohemmian look for less? Then look no further than this ruffled bohemian top. You can fabricate this out of old scraps of vintage floral fabric. Check out this fashion DIY video to get the how-to, and crop it up as high as you'd like.

How To : Sew a simple floral summer skirt with Whitney Sews

During the summer, we all want to focus more on getting out into the sun and having an adventure than putting on layers of makeup and spending hours figuring out if, indeed, our Calvin Klein riding boots go with our Marc Jacobs sailor shorts. Eliminate all the fuss and save u ...more

How To : Make a tropical floral arrangement

How to make a tropical flower arrangement; get professional tips and advice from an expert on making your own exotic floral arrangements in this free gardening video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Make a tropical floral arrangement. Make a tropical floral arrangement - Part 2 o ...more

How To : Fold a square gift box with floral ornament

This beautiful geometric box, which reminds us of midcentury abstract expressionist paintings, is a wonderful handmade way to showcase a Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart. Take a look at this simple origami video (suitable even for origami folding neophytes) to learn h ...more

How To : Make a multi-layered embossed floral gift card

This video tutorial is in the Arts & Crafts category where you will learn how to make a multi-layered embossed floral gift card. Take a piece of 11 x 8 1/2 inch Stampin' Up card stock and fold it in half. Next you punch out layers of colored paper of rose red, very vanilla, re ...more

How To : Lampwork a glass floral wine bottle stopper

This is my best guess at lampworking a borosilicate wine bottle stopper. This is just me winging it, I don't claim to be an expert. If you want to see what the pros do with this floral technique, look up Eugene Rain, Sabina Boehm, John Kobuki and many others.

How To : Make a floral arrangement

In this video, we learn how to make a floral arrangement. Start off with the biggest flower you are going to use, and build around that. If you have a white flower, pick a bright colored one to go next to it. Remember to use different flowers and colors to mix and match and ma ...more

How To : Sew a simple spring floral romper

During the spring, all you want to do is romp around beautiful fields of wild flowers while blowing bubbles and making garlands out of dandelions, right? So what better outfit to wear than a romper? Take a look at this DIY fashion video to learn how to sew a spring floral rom ...more

How To : Create a floral centerpiece

A carefully crafted floral centerpiece is the perfect focal point for any occasion. Learn how to design, assemble and care for a floral arrangement in this home decor video from a professional florist. Part 1 of 9 - How to Create a floral centerpiece. Create a floral centerpie ...more

How To : Make a vase floral arrangement

Want a beautiful way to decorate your home? In this tutorial, Sandy from Afloral.com shows you how to make a fresh flower arrangement in a vase. Using red and pink roses, you can make a fresh flower arrangement in a vase with this how to video.

How To : Make a natural floral arrangement in a cigar box

You want to soften a man's study, a library or office with some flowers, but he doesn't want anything "flowery." Watch Dana Plazyk of Flowers by Design as she creates a non-floral floral in a cigar box in this video tutorial. Perfect for a desk or a shelf and guaranteed to bri ...more

How To : Create a Stunning Autumn Floral Sculpture

Beth O'Reilly AIFD TMF shows us how to make a structural arrangement using stacked Oasis foam disks inside a beautiful container. Video: . . This arrangement is perfect for an entry way of a fall wedding, food tables, or even corporate events. The added element of fruit really ...more

How To : Draw a pretty floral design on your nails

This is an interesting video presentation about "Flower Nail Art Tutorial". The steps are as follows, the first step is Apply a thick coat of clear polish on your nail and then apply 5 red dots in circle in the fourth finger and a white dot in the middle and then draw a line f ...more

How To : Create an adorable floral formal teen bun

Little girls are always in a rush to look just like their mommies. Just think pint-sized fashionistas like Suri Cruz and Courtney Cox's daughter Coco, who was recently caught by the paps wearing the same ruby lipstick as her mommy on a stroll. While we don't think that wearing ...more

How To : Apply a black, blue & white floral makeup look

This video is about how to do a black and white floral eye make up. The makeup was done by herself to her in an awesome manner without any flaw. She takes us to the process step by step. She used NYX milk pencil, Mac 226 brush with black, a large blending brush with b slap whi ...more

How To : Make a wedding floral centerpiece

Ruth has successfully owned and operated her floral business for more than 15 years. Here she shows us how to make a wedding floral centerpiece Part 1 of 16 - How to Make a wedding floral centerpiece. Make a wedding floral centerpiece - Part 2 of 16. Click through to watch thi ...more

How To : Make a ladylike scrunchy floral belt

Belts make almost any outfit look better, especially dresses that are a little too loose in the midsection or need some extra tucking in to really underscore your beautiful hourglass shape. Belts come in all sorts of colors and shapes, but a scrunchy belt is among the most com ...more

How To : Create a sexy hot pink floral nail look

Flowery, girly nails don't have to be reserved for spring! Toughen up spring-inspired florals by adding some sassy touches, as in this nail tutorial. Rather than bright, cheery florals, these flowers are accented by curvalinear blacks. This design makes for a fierce and uniqu ...more

How To : Cut a floral clock with a scrollsaw

In this three-part tutorial series from the Scrollsaw Workshop, Steve Good will show you how to cut a floral clock pattern using a scrollsaw. As always, the pattern is available, free of charge, through Steve's blog, scrollsawworkshop.blogspot.com. Take a look! Part 1 of 3 - H ...more

How To : Construct an edgy floral dress with a zipper front

You really can't go wrong with florals and zippers. The two fashion trends are indeed opposites, with florals being overly dainty and zippers being more punk rock, but when you combine them together you achieve a striking balance. A lot of girls refuse to wear florals because ...more

How To : Do Floral Nails Without Dotting Tools !

How to do cute pink and white floral nails without dotting tools ! Check This video out to learn more ! Video: . Check My youtube channel for more nail art tutorials and nail designs ! https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperWowstyle?feature=mhee Thanks for watching ! Dont forget t ...more

How To : Make a summer picnic platter floral design

The Flowergod creates a Summer Picnic Platter using a watermelon. The arrangement includes orange roses, pink miniature carnations, plumosa, a watermelon, and various other fruit. Make a summer picnic platter floral design. Click through to watch this video on theflowergod.com

How To : Make a floral centerpiece

In this video, Diana talks about making a centerpiece for your dining table, specifically tips on how to get started. Part 1 of 17 - How to Make a floral centerpiece. Make a floral centerpiece - Part 2 of 17. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage.com Make a floral ...more

How To : Make Anna Griffin Paper Decoupage Red Floral Card

In this cardmaking tutorial I make a gorgeous card using cut out decoupage from a sheet of 12x12inch paper from Anna Griffins range of fabulous papers. I finish off the card with the matching leaves and paper curls. This looks like a time consuming card but apart from the cutt ...more

How To : Make a floral headdress

Trish Horrington shows how to make a floral headdress. Flowers are listed and subtitled at the beginning of the video. Great video with a cute result. Make a floral headdress. Click through to watch this video on videojug.com

How To : Make a Doo. Ri. inspired floral tank top

Doo.Ri. is a young Asian American designer who has made waves in the high fashion world with her minimalistic, modern designs with a touch of feminine delicacy and sass. With a very Japanese-infused style aesthetic, she creates pieces that are coveted and frequently warm by Ho ...more

How To : Make floral placemats for Thanksgiving

Set a perfectly beautiful Thanksgiving Table! This step-by-step guide from Julie Mulligan shows you just what to do to create an unforgettable table this Thanksgiving Day! In this video, Julie teaches how to create beautiful placemats using fresh flowers.

How To : Make floral embellished frames for pictures

Frames are a must-have for those special pictures, pieces of artwork, and momentos that need a safe place for storage yet need to be showcased. But purchasing a mass-produced frame at Ikea probably won't help your special objects feel, well, special. So why not make a frame y ...more

How To : Make Full Floral Paper Tricks Card

This card is totally gorgeous, it has a bit of everything and I can't say it is going to be a quick card but I can say it is a 'Humdinger!' and anyone who receives it will keep it forever.. The card has a paper folded quilt style background made from the Anna Griffin Paper Tri ...more

How To : Make a Floral Christmas Card

This cardmaking tutorial shows you how to make a floral Christmas card that is complete with embossing using a die cutting machine. This is a very pretty card and once you have seen the tutorial you will see how easy it is to make. I also show you how I get the embossed lines ...more

How To : Make a Rose Designer Collection Floral Card

This project sees me create a stunning card using the Anna Griffin Rose Designer Collection and the 12" Trimmings dies, together they are the perfect combination. The card is a full floral and includes using the stickers from the kit as well as some of the beautiful embellishm ...more

How To : Make Floral Fancy Double Aperture Card

In this cardmaking tutorial, I share my love of paper flowers to make a double aperture card, using Anna Griffin papers and handmade flowers. I show you how I add the flowers symmetrically. This idea for a card looks stunning and the double aperture idea could be used with oth ...more

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