How To : Make foam violet flowers with your kids

Violets are great for any occasion, even when it comes to the kids. Creating homemade violet crafts is the perfect activity for you and your children. It's great for getting your kids into the creative world. This video will show you how to make foam violets with the kids. You ...more

How To : Make a safe boffer arrow out of foam

Add to your boffer larp arsenal with these foam arrows! This tutorial shows you how to make a modular boffer arrow out of three different kinds of foam, a cloth cover, arrowhead shafts, scissors, duct tape and your favorite kind of spray adhesive. Part 1 of 2 - How to Make a s ...more

How To : Make a sword out of foam

Poke, jab, and stab your opponent without taking out an eye. You Will Need * 1/2-inch PVC pipe * A hacksaw * Measuring tape * Sandpaper * Gray duct tape * A swim noodle * A razor blade * 100% silicon caulk * A caulk gun * Open cell foam * Electrical tape * Cellophane (optional ...more

How To : Make wasabi foam to garnish and serve over meals

Looking to add some spice to your dinner but not a fan of straight wasabi? In this tutorial, learn how to make a light and fluffy foam with wasabi that you can serve over fish, sushi, salad or any other light dish that needs some spice.

How To : Become a better boffer fighter with a foam sword

Becoming better at boffer combat is not a matter of mastering fancy sword moves, it's about being able to force an opening in your opponent's defenses and taking advantage of it without leaving yourself open for a counter-attack. This tutorial shows you precisely how to create ...more

How To : Use Dap Foam sealant and 3.0 Weather seal caulk

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to seal gaps in houses using DAP foam sealant DAP 3.0 Weather seal caulk. The DAP products are designed to meet the tough standards demanded for professional window & door installations while effectively sealing large cracks, gaps and ...more

How To : Fight with a foam spear in a boffer larp

Oh, no! A phalanx is approaching! How can you defeat their shield wall? Answer: a spear! Even if you're not going up against a shield wall, spears are still useful weapons to use in a boffer live action roleplay game because of the advantage that reach gives you. This introduc ...more

How To : Seafoam your vehicle

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to sea foam a vehicle. By doing this, it will help the vehicle's engine to last longer. Users will need 2 cans of sea foam and 1 can of sea foam Deep Creep. Begin by opening the gas cap and pour 1 can of sea foam into the fuel tank. Op ...more

How To : Make a foam flower curtain with your child

Help your child decorate their room! This tutorial shows you how to use craft foam to construct a curtain of flowers. In addition to the foam, you will also need a glitter pencil, decorative ribbon and a pair of kid safe craft scissors.

How To : Craft a lizard out of foam & pipe cleaner

In this video, we learn how to craft a lizard out of foam and pipe cleaner. First grab your piece of foam and poke a hole into the front of it going through it, then through the back going all the way through. Next, poke the pipe cleaner through the holes so it looks like four ...more

How To : Add an edge to a boffer sword or other foam weapon

Build an edge into your boffer weapon that gives it the illusion of being sharp (but still being only foam!). This tutorial assumes you already have some basic understanding of how to construct a boffer sword and are looking for ways to increase your foamsmithing ability.

How To : Use the DAP adhesive to construct foam boffer weapons

This video shows you everything you need to know when constructing foam boffer weapons with Weldwood brand DAP contact cement adhesive. Always make sure you buy the red can, and don't get the gel formula. Also make sure you buy a timer for extra precision.

News : Exploding Foam Car

fill up someones car with hella lots of expanding foam while they go to the shop or what not, wait for their return and voila; the foam will expand, blow out the windows and ruin the car.

How To : Make a book mark out of foam

Take a colored foam and cut it to a bookmark shape. Mostly the bookmarks are tall rectangles. Decorate the foam bookmark using markers. Now design it for looking more beautiful. Use stickers to add additional decoration. Collect stickers from a craft store that offers a large ...more

How To : Build a fun foam boffer sword

Watch this video tutorial to see how to build a fun foam boffer sword! These boffer swords for any of your larping needs! You will need: 2½ feat of ½ inch PVC 2½ feet of Pipe insulation that can cover ½ inch piping 2½ feet of Pipe insulation to cover that pipe insulation 1 r ...more

How To : Fight with a foam spear in a boffer larp

This tutorial shows you firstly what a boffer spear is (and is not), and then goes over the basic stances and techniques you can use when you're on the battlefield and fighting with a foam spear. Learn how to overcome an entire phalanx with a ranged weapon!

How To : Use wood for building miniatures rather than foam

Watch this instructional model making video to learn some of the pros and cons of making miniature game terrains out of wood. The wood models are certainly more durable, but they take a lot of work to build. The foam models go rather quickly and can take on more naturalistic c ...more

How To : Install foam gaskets under light switch plates

To install foam gaskets under light switch plates and outlet covers you will need a screwdriver. Installing foam gaskets under light switch plates or outlet covers on an outer wall is a great way to stop air leaks in your home. First, use your screwdriver to remove the light s ...more

How To : Attack with a foam spear in boffer combat

Want to be the best spear fighter you can be? This tutorial show you two basic shots you can make when wielding a foam spear on the fields of battle at your next boffer larp. You're also shown how you can thwart a javelin shot with a spear.

How To : Use an ABC foam fire extinguisher

Firefighters Al Bennett and Jesse O’Quinn of the Houston Fire Department give instructions on using a fire extinguisher. Most fire extinguishers have a rating of ABC, which are suitable for most fires that occur in the home. There are also D and K fire extinguishers, but these ...more

How To : Use spray glue to make foam boffer weapons

For any aspiring weaponsmith (or, rather, foamsmith), this video shows you the thre most common brands of spray glue or spray adhesive that you can use when constructing boffer weapons out of foam and PVC. Learn the benefits and drawbacks of each brand.

How To : Install foam sealant insulation

Need to install some foam sealant insulation? In this tutorial, Mark Donovan of shows you how to install foam sealant installation between window and door jams. Traditionally most contractors would stuff batting insulation into jams by hand, a process that ...more

How To : Clean residue out of your car parts with SeaFoam

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to clean the residue out of a car using Sea-Foam. Sea-Foam is a formula that is used to clean any car's residue buildup. Begin by turning on the vehicle. Add 1/3 of Sea-Foam into the vacuum lines that is connected to the break master h ...more

How To : Put foam in a QuicKutz Revolution die

Putting foam onto a die will allow for a crisper paper cut-out. These dies can be used to easily make stamped images for scrapbooking, card-making, or any other paper design project. Watch this video crafting tutorial and learn how to install foam onto a QuicKutz Revolution die.

How To : Use a foam gun to clean your car

Sometimes, it takes more than just a sponge and some water to clean your car. Sometimes, it takes a foam gun. This instructional video will show you how to properly use a foam gun to clean your car. Use a foam gun to clean your car. Click through to watch this video on paintca ...more

How To : Use a foam roller to work your core muscles

Sarah and Katrina show you how to use a Foam Roller and the different to increase stability and flexibility, by really working your core muscles. Katrina shows you how to do a pushup and works your abs in this video.

How To : Stab and feint with foam weapons in boffer combat

Use this technique at your next boffer combat or fighter practice! This video goes over the feint and stab move when using two separate weapons. After going over the basic feint and stab, a few more techniques are demonstrated for better foam combat.

How To : Needle felt eyeballs out of wool and foam

This makes the perfect creepy decoration for Halloween! You can felt a few scraps of wool and use that to make some really awesome and creepy eyeballs. In addition to the wool, you'll also need some special felting needles and craft foam.

How To : Perform an upper body foam roller Pilates routine

Have a foam roller? This clip offers up a demonstration of a simple upper-body foam roller routine. With Pilates, as with any physical fitness system, a basic mastery of proper technique is essential for both maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts and avoiding accidenta ...more

How To : Make a foam collage

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make a foam collage. The materials required for this project are: card stock paper, several different colors of foam paper, scissors and glue. The project focuses on preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school crafts. Begin by cu ...more

How To : Put out a fire with a standard foam extinguisher

WhatHappensNow talks with Edina Minnesota Fire Marshall Tom Jenson who explains how to properly use a fire extinguisher. During the video Tom briefly offers a helpful tip, suggesting to remember the P.A.S.S. acronym when it comes to using a fire extinguisher. P stands for pull ...more

News : Foam Pit Pool Prank

Use one of your foam pits and then fill it up with water, then put some foam in it so it would look normal, after get some one on a BMX bike make them do something stupid!:) They will be so surprised when they get wet

News : Foamy Day

Take 2 or more cans of shaving foamFreeze with dry ice till below freezingKnock the tops off after freezingPlace in someones car on a hot summers day with the windows upWatch as the foam unfreezes it explodes filling the car with foam.WARNING (the mark may not be your friend e ...more

News : Hidden Foam Pit

Take a layer of foam (from a couch or bed). Cut a square in the ground place the foam in the ground cut the top 3 inches of grass off and put on top of foam make it look like nothing happened, then wait for the mark to walk out of front door and fall into it.T To make it bet ...more

News : Foammmmmmy

Fill one of your buddies vehicles with the mono foam they use for insulation and let it set and wait to see out come ha ha hope you guys consider it . thanks

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