Fold Fairy

How To : Fold a simple origami lampshade fairy light cover

You know those pretty twinkle light covers you can buy at Urban Outfitters or Home Goods? You can actually make them cheaply - i.e., with almost no money involved - at home. Simply check out this origami video to learn how to fold an easy origami fairy lampshade light cover. ...more

How To : Make a fairytale princess hat with your kids

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make a fairy princess hat. The materials required for this project are: white cardboard/postcard, glitter stickers, glue, white lace/ribbon, red and white thin plastic ribbons and scissors. Begin by folding the white cardboard into ...more

How To : Make a fairy for the Christmas tree

Learn how to make a fairy Christmas ornament to place on the top of the tree. Step 1. Gather your materials. Step 2. Fold the handmade paper in half and in half again. Then fold it diagonally to make a cone shape. Step 3. Trim into a perfect cone. Step 4. Bend the wire into a ...more

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