Fondant Angel

How To : Make an angel out of fondant icing

Looking to make your next cake stand out? How about giving it that extra "umph" with a unique cake decoration topper? In this three-part video tutorial, learn how to make an adorable angel cake topper out of fondant icing. Get step by step instructions on how to take pieces of ...more

How To : Make an angelic Precious Moments fondant face

Remember the Precious Moments kids? You know, those teardrop-eyed little angels who were always moralizing on some topic or another and whose likeness was always seen on stationary sets, porcelain bells, and teacups? If you love the way they look and would like to make some P ...more

How To : Create a gumpaste snowman with a scarf and hat

Here in California, we Wonder How To writers don't get much snow. In fact, during the holidays we get excited just see frost on the windows and that it's cold enough that we can't wear shorts outside. Obviously during Christmas this is a bummer, because this means no snow ange ...more

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