News : Wedding Crash

The Jackass Crew crash a series of weddings! They will be trying to complete tasks to accumulate points. ie. make out with brides maids, drink the most, make a toast, steal the dance floor, blending in during family conversations, start a food fight etc. (land the bride and a ...more

News : Sticky wakeup

This prank is intended to annoy your friend with a sort of food fight Wait until your mates are asleep Get Peanut Butter/Jam/Vegimite/Homey anything that is sticky. Get a sppon or any utensil and put it all over them, their room and their car (if they have one) Wait until the ...more

News : FOOD FIGHT!!!!!

start out with a banana eating a taco, a hot dog eating a banana and a taco eating a hotdog. the three will cross paths and see eachother and fight on scene. btw have the prank take place in a crowded mall

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