How To : Make your own nylon

In this tutorial, we learn how to make your own nylon. You will need: pipettes, pipette filler, forceps, beaker, stir rod, sebacoyl chloride and hexanediame solution. Now, pour some of the hexanediame solution into the small beaker. Add in a food coloring if you want to make t ...more

How To : Perform basic suturing for veterinary procedures

This surgical how-to video shows several different basic techniques for veterinary suturing stitches. Various tools, such as forceps, grips, hand positions, and stitches are demonstrated. Learn how to comfortably and efficiently execute good suturing in veterinary procedures b ...more

How To : Dissect a frog and look at its anatomy

This video tutorial will show you the steps on how to dissect a frog. First, you'll have to get a frog, then you'll have to make sure it's dead, then perhaps wash it off. Then just take a look at the external anatomy of the amphibian before slicing it open. To slice, you'll ne ...more

How To : Perform a simple interrupted suture in surgery

This video illustrate us how to preform a simple interrupted suture in surgery. Here are the following steps: Step 1: First of all take the surgical thread,thread and suture cutting needle. Step 2: Now sterilize the instruments and hold the area to be sutured with forceps. ...more

How To : Place a horizontal mattress suture for surgeons

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to suture. Begin by lifting up the skin on the far side of the laceration with the tissue forceps and insert the needle with some distance far away from the wounded edge. Then lift up the skin with the near side laceration and mirror t ...more

How To : Dissect a human to see the orbit and its contents

The orbit. No, we're not talking about outer space here, were talking about the cavity in the skull containing the eye-ball; formed from seven bones: frontal, maxillary, sphenoid, lacrimal, zygomatic, ethmoid, and palatine. This video tutorial will show you how to dissect a h ...more

How To : Make a dog first aid kit

Whether you're hiking or hunting, spending time outdoors can also be an opportunity to spend time with man's best friend--your dog! Get tips from this how-to video on spending time with your dog AND keeping her safe. Obedience training is a must, but so is planning ahead. You ...more

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