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How To : Erotic dance

Learn step by step how to Erotic dance using "EroTeknique", a dance form designed for woman looking to build confidence, keep fit, and turn up the heat at home with their partner! In this tutorial, erotic dance moves are taught that almost anyone can do. Get those hips moving! ...more

How To : Dance erotic with EroTeknique

Need to spice up your love life? Why not take an EroTeknique class to learn some smooth new, sexy moves to show off to your partner? Erotic dancing is sure to get your partner's heart racing and will yours! Loose inches with this great, confidence-building way to stay fit! Eko ...more

How To : Get rid of a hickey

Ah the hickey, that red badge of passion! So spontaneous! So exhilarating! So erotic! So now what are you going to do to hide your love mark? This how-to video will show you what to do with an unwanted hickey. To make your conspicuous hickey less obvious you will need a spoon, ...more

News : Knoxville caressed my gun and I surrendered to...

...his easy laugh and southern charm.  Pull this is just so electric.  Not just the spark, but the 50,000 volts cursing through the tumid chamber, filled with liquid soluble polydimethalsiloxane. Okay. Okay.  Maybe it did not go exactly like that.  Maybe all the ...more

News : Orgasm Inc. (2009)

Feature documentary about female orgasms. Below is the trailer for the feature Film Orgasm Inc. Orgasm Inc. (2009) is the first feature documentary by award-winning director Liz Canner. It premiered at the Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival. In the shocking and hilarious docum ...more

News : Final Fantasy 14 Special Edition Unboxing

Final Fantasy 14 the MMO is now live. The special edition priced at $75 enables people to play eight days earlier than people getting the regular edition, which comes out on September 30th. Mine arrived yesterday and here are some pictures of what's inside the special edition ...more

News : Enter The World of Catherine

Stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere? Do you wake up and it's nine years later and nothing has changed? Do you also dream of sheep? You know, in the non erotic sense? Well welcome to Catherine, a puzzle game of non-commitment and text messaging. The story is simple. ...more

How To : Lead in Argentine tango

We are shown a few steps in the passionate dance, the tango. It is emphasized that this erotic dance is 100% lead by the male. It is fueled by aggression and dominance by the male partner. The female is in his lead. There are eight top movements that are divided into two parts ...more

News : Pole dance with impressive acrobatics

Move over Carmen Elektra. Veena's got more than just stretches and sashays in her stripper workout. From her bedroom studio, Veena showcases some gravity-defying pole dance moves. Her handsprings and cartwheels should earn much more than dollar bills. What was previously jus ...more

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