News : Believe It Or Not, These Dogs Are "Serious" Surfers

As silly as it may seem, Loews Resort's annual dog surf competition is indeed real. These pups aren't just props on a surfboard, they actually DO ride waves. Held in Imperial Beach, CA, this past week, the judges rate each canine contestant based on endurance and ability to c ...more

How To : Make candy sushi

Kids will get a kick out of this fun and sweet treat. Make these candy sushi ahead of time as a surprise or better yet get the kids to help to create their own colorful snacks. These bite size treats will add a twist to any afternoon snack. Add playful flair to your next part ...more

News : Botanical Robots Coming Soon to a Shelf Near You

I wish these robots were real, but alas, they're simply the brainchild of Barry McWilliams, an artist who wants to make a book about them. His Kickstarter for only $5,000 is now fully funded, so the book will be coming soon. There's still a lot of time left in the fundraiser, ...more

How To : Make A Banana And Mars Bar Cake

Banana bread has always been a favourite treat whether it was fresh from nanna's oven or from the local bakery. The addition of Mars Bars or another one of your favourite chocolate bars can be a great addition for the kids as long as they eat their vegetables first. This is a ...more

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