How To : Hack Your Xbox Gamerscore

Nearly everyone has the capacity to be a cheater. Sometime or another, all Xbox users have yearned to get their gamerscore to unimaginable thresholds—for bragging and egotistical purposes. I can relate to this desire. However, I also don't want to mod my gamerscore, because it ...more

How To : Become an Xbox Community Ambassador

So, you wan't to become a Xbox Community Ambassador? Wan't to give support to other Xbox Customers and Earn loot doing it? Want to be different from a "normal" Xbox Customer? Want to share your knowledge to others who want it? Come on over here, friend! In this How-To, I will ...more

How To : Things to Do on WonderHowTo (12/21 - 12/27)

WonderHowTo is made up niche communities called Worlds. If you've yet to join one (or create your own), get a taste below of what's going on in the community. Check in every Wednesday for a roundup of new activities and projects. This week: A holiday-themed cell phone photogr ...more

How To : Jump the shark on Skate 3 demo on the Xbox 360

The guys and Achievement Hunter are here again to give you a quality video on how to jump the shark on the Skate 3 demo for the Xbox 360. Although this tutorial does not help add any points to your gamerscore, it's a fun video on how to jump one of the most hardest obstacles i ...more

How To : Get five easy achievements in Red Dead Redemption

If you've barely got your hands on the hit Xbox 360 game, Red Dead Redemption, get ready to saddle up! In this old Western game, you'll be killing bad guys, tying up women, and be on a quest for revenge. But, along the way you can also complete some easy side missions or even ...more

How To : Defeat the boss Straga in Darksiders

For this next tutorial, you'll be fidning out how to defeat the boss Straga in the game Darksiders. He's a big dude, but can easily be defeated with the right moves and techniques. Not only will you progress in the story of the game, but get a sweet 50 gamerscore for your pro ...more

How To : Find all the relic locations in Dante's Inferno

In this next tutorial, you'll not only collect all the holy and unholy relics, but nab three achievements as well in the game Dante's Inferno. You'll be awarded with the Light Relics, once you've found all holy relics, the relic hunter when you find a relic, and the dark reli ...more

How To : Find all 20 glyph locations in Assassin's Creed 2

Attention all achievement hunters! It's time to go searching for some glyphs in the hit title, Assassin's Creed 2. For this achievement, you must find all 20 glyph locations in the game. Not only will you unlock the Vitruvian Man achievement and 20 gamerscore, but a new video ...more

How To : Find all three Beatrice stones in Dante's Inferno

It's time to head into hell with this next achievement tutorial. The game is Dante's Inferno and you'll be going after the precious and hard to find Beatrice stones. With all three collected, you'll be able to automatically absolve any bad guys you face. When you also find al ...more

How To : Find all 27 shade locations in Dante's Inferno

In this next tutorial, not only will you be finding all 27 shade locations in Dante's Inferno, but you'll be unlocking three achievements as well. You'll find all the 27 shades throughout the entire game, and you can either absolve or punish them. Finding all 27 will unlock T ...more

How To : Get the Spot Monopolist achievement in Skate 3

If you have Skate 3 for the Xbox 360, here's a tutorial on how to get 30 points to add to your gamerscore. In this video, you'll find out how to get the Spot Monopolist achievement in the Industrial area. It can be a difficult achievement to unlock so, it will require all of y ...more

How To : Get two easy achievements in Red Dead Redemption

This next achievement tutorial is going to show you how to get two easy achievements in the hit title, Red Dead Redemption. The two achievements are Go Team! and The Quick and Everyone Else...Together, they are worth 40 gamerscore. To unlock Go Team! simply be on the winning ...more

How To : Get the Austin Overpowered achievement in RDR

In this tutorial for the hit game, Red Dead Redemption, you'll be going after the Austin Overpowered achievement. It nets you a sweet 25 points to add on to your gamerscore must be completed by doing three things. You must beat the Twin Rocks, Pike's Basin, and Gaptooth Breach ...more

How To : Earn the Musician achievement in Ilomilo

This achievement occurs very early on in Ilomilo - the menu screen, to be precise. When you hear the background music start to play, play along with it. This will earn you the Musician achievement worth 20 gamerscore in Xbox Live Arcade.

How To : Unlock the Manifest Destiny achievement in RDR

It's time to go Buffalo hunting! It's also time to go achievement hunting as well! In this tutorial from the guys at Achievement Hunter, you'll be going after the Manifest Destiny achievement in the hit Xbox 360 title, Red Dead Redemption. In order to get the five points to ad ...more

How To : Find the rubber ducky easter egg in Crackdown

In this video from Achievement Hunter, you'll be going after the rubber ducky easter egg. Alas this won't net you any points for your gamerscore, but what it does do is give you an awesome weapon that you can use against bad guys. Although it's not very powerful, it's still fu ...more

How To : Get the Penny Pincher achievement in Halo Wars

This next achievement puts you in the control of a war against man and aliens. The game is Halo Wars and the achievement you'll be going for is Penny Pincher. this achievement is worth 10 gamerscore and is pretty easy to get. All you have to do is get a winning high score with ...more

How To : Get the Extreme Grindage achievement in Skate 3

For all you achievement hunters out there looking to rack up your gamerscore, here's another video that may help you on your quest. If you've played any of the Skate series, you already know how awesome the game can be to play. In this tutorial, you'll be finding out how to ge ...more

How To : Get the Overkill achievement in Brutal Legend

This next tutorial is a rather easy one to follow and complete. It shows you where you have to go in order to get the Overkill achievement in the game Brutal Legend. To get this achievement, you must complete all the hunting missions and then meet up with the Hunter. Once you' ...more

How To : Get the Master Protector achievement in Bioshock 2

It's time to head back into Rapture! In this achievement tutorial for the game Bioshock 2, you'll be going after the Master Protector achievement. It will award you with 15 gamer points to add onto your gamerscore. It can be a difficult achievement to unlock to make sure you k ...more

How To : Get the Wheeler-Dealer achievement in Metro 2033

Okay, so you've played through the whole game of Metro 2033 and feel like you've been missing out on something. Well, did you go after the achievements? If not, here's a tutorial on how to add some points to your gamerscore. The name of this achievement is called the Wheeler-D ...more

How To : Earn the Crazy Driver achievement in Crazy Taxi

So you've already earned the Amazing Driver achievement while playing Crazy Taxi, now it's time to earn Crazy Driver! This tutorial gives you a quick and dirty method for getting this achievement, which is worth 40 gamerscore (ten more than Amazing Driver!)

How To : Get the Rome-ance achievement in Alpha Protocol

It's time to practice your pick-up lines for this achievements. The game is Alpha Protocol and the objective of this achievement is to become more than friends with a character in the game known as Madison Saint James. It's a fairly easy achievement to unlock and not only wil ...more

How To : Get the Z-Baller achievement in Dead Space

This next tutorial is going to show you how to get the Z-Baller achievement in Dead Space. The achievement can take some time, but will result in 5 gamerscore for your profile. In this video, you'll find out that you must complete Level 6 in Zero-G basketball to get this achi ...more

How To : Get the Generous achievement in Metro 2033

In the Xbox 360 title, Metro 2033, besides all the shooting you'll be involved in, there is a chance for you to show some kindness. In this achievemnet tutorial, you'll find out how to unlock the Generous achievement. In order to get the 10 gamerscore with this, you'll have t ...more

How To : Unlock the Boob Tube achievement in Alan Wake

For this achievement tutorial, you'll be finding out how to unlock the Boob Tube achievement. As it sounds, you'll have to turn on a TV and let it play for awhile. It's a really simple and easy achievement to unlock that's worth 5 gamerscore. Just make sure you turn on the TV ...more

How To : Unlock the Merciful achievement in Metro 2033

It's time to make sure you have a hold on your trigger finger. In this achievement tutorial for the Xbox 360 title, Metro 2033. you'll have to show some restraint. To unlock this achievement and 30 gamerscore, you must complete the level Black Station without killing any fasc ...more

How To : Unlock the Dodge This achievement in RDR's DLC

This next tutorial is for Red Dead Redemption's DLC, Outlaws to the End. There are a total of 10 new achievements that can be collected in the downloadable content and can easily be added to your collection. In this video, you'll be finding out how to get the Dodge This achie ...more

How To : Beat the Record Breaker Predator in Batman: AA

If you're having a hard time beating specific challenges in Batman: Arkham Asylum, this next tutorial should help. In the video, you'll find out how to complete the Record Breaker Predator Challenge in the game. The more medals and challenges you complete, the closer you get ...more

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