News : The Best Places to Download PC Games Online

Digital distribution games are already firmly established on the PC, and they've infiltrated every present and next-gen console to some degree. Whether you like to play DOS, AAA, PC or indie games, there's a way to purchase most of them without leaving the comfort and warmth o ...more

News : May feels like November

A November release week in May It used to be that games marked to be blockbusters (expected to sell more than a million in their first month) would always be released during the holiday September to December season. November was always the month companies chose to release the ...more

News : Starcraft 2 Launch Day!

It's here! Thank you Amazon release date delivery! ^_^ What's in the normal package? 4 guest passes: Two for Star Craft 2 and two for World of Warcraft (10 day pass) A 3 page b/w manual. This is really cheap. way to be stingy there Blizzard! it's basically the warranty infor ...more

Kinect : Microsoft's answer to the Wii

e3 Premieres the XBOX MotionCapture Add-on via Adam B. Vary at Entertainment Weekly Remember last year, e3's most hyped announcement was the XBOX that turned your whole body into a Wiimote? Is it all we dreamed it would be? Check out the review from insider. "After a ...more

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