How To : Apply Sarah Michelle Gellar inspired eye shadow

Watch this instructional cosmetics video to apply a eye shadow for a Sarah Michelle Gellar inspired look. Use a M.A.C painterly paint pot base and a 242 brush to blend. For this project use subtle browns and peach colors close to your skin tone.

News : Fake psychic powers and debunk Uri Gellar

I have never before showcased a tutorial from television. Until now. This one has a personal resonance for me. It is Sunday. So, sit back and learn a little something today. The life long and methodical debunking tutorials from the Amazing Randi have earned him a reputation ...more

News : Bend spoons with your brain

When arch-skeptic Michael Shermer has you in his crosshairs, the act is over. Criss Angel has been debunked on WonderHowTo many times before. But this disclosure of the famous spoon bend is unlike the others. Spoonbending is the signature move of paranormal evangelists like U ...more

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