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How To : Choose your navigation app on your HTC EVO 4G

There are a couple of options available to you when it comes to navigation on your new HTC EVO 4G. In this clip, you will learn how to use the two most popular options: Sprint Navigation and Google Navigation. These apps are similar but each have their own pros and cons, so ch ...more

How To : Get the HTC One M8's Camera App on Your Nexus 6

With the Nexus 6, you get a very clean software experience with minimal bloat. While this is generally the main selling point for most Nexus fans, it can be a bit of a detraction for some. Default software and system apps can seem a bit bare-bones at times, and this is most n ...more

News : HTC Starts Rolling Out Update to Its Gallery App

Thanks to HTC's new policy on updating their apps through Google Play, we can now get new features without having to wait for a full Sense OS update. Today brought the introduction of a new UFocus tweak that allows you to adjust the amount of blur you want added to your photo ...more

How To : Never Miss Out on App Price Drops on Google Play

Tricking out your phone is nice, but there's nothing better than saving money in the process. Google Play is full of apps that offer great functionality, but some of them are not always cheap, and that's why AppSales was made. AppSales is an app browser that lists apps that ar ...more

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