Get Rid of Slugs and Snails

How To : Get rid of snails and slugs with beer

Get some simple home repair and improvement advice from the H.O.W. TV team. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to get rid of snails and slugs with beer. See the good and bad that goes along with home repair. Watch Pam Melton and Tammy Algood from HOWTV show you how to rid ...more

How To : Get rid of garden snails and slugs

Tired of losing your gardening efforts to snails and slugs? Use these methods to banish the pests. You Will Need * A container of warm, soapy water * Diatomaceous earth * Ceramic flowerpots * Beer * Sugar * Baking yeast Step 1 Remove slugs and snails by hand. Check in shady ...more

How To : Make a preventive barrier for slugs and snails

Snails and slugs are a big problem for gardeners across the country, whether it be a hosta patch or your lettuce, they love to eat a wide variety of plants. If you have containers, raised beds, even if you have benches slugs will climb up and over and into your plants. To get ...more

How To : Identify problems with snails & slugs

Snails and slugs can really be a problem sometimes if you are a gardener. They feed on plants and can be considered pests, sometimes even getting inside your house. They are identified by their tell-tale slime trails. A bad infestation can be very hard to deal with. However, s ...more

How To : Get rid of garden slugs without using pesticides

Slugs are one of the most destructive forces of nature that can infiltrate your garden. Chemical pesticides and slug pellets make eliminating them simple, but they are expensive, dangerous, and unnatural. Fortunately, this video is here to explain an easy way to get rid of slu ...more

How To : Get rid of garden snails using nontoxic solutions

Snails can have a devastating effect on your garden but there are ways without using toxic chemicals to get your snail problem under control. You can use pick snails off by hand and throw them away, you can put out iron phosphate based bait, or you can put a bowl of beer out w ...more

How To : Control snails & aphids

In this video, Extension Horticulturalist Curtis Smith talks with Master Gardener Marsha groves about controlling harmful pests that are damaging to plants throughout the year in both outdoor garden and greenhouse environments. The first part of the video covers the issue of p ...more

News : Parasite Spread by Slugs & Rats Sickens 6 in Hawaii

Warning: If you are eating and for some reason still decided to click on this article, turn around now. Maui, Hawaii health officials have reported finding at least six cases of angiostrongyliasis, a parasitic lungworm that infects humans. Colloquially, it's known as rat lungw ...more

News : The Fantastical, Flavorful Fiddlehead Fern

Fiddlehead ferns look like something from Alice in Wonderland, or something that you might see when you close your eyes while listening to Pink Floyd and enjoying some herbal refreshment. What they don't look like is a tasty vegetable that's perfect for any spring or summer di ...more

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