How To : Put an egg in a bottle

Watch this instructional video to learn how to put an egg in a bottle. All you need is a hardboiled egg, a bottle, and four matches. Place the matches in the bottle, then the egg on top of the bottle, done. Watch this one for the music.

How To : Suck an egg into a bottle

This amazing experiment demonstrates how atmospheric pressure will push an egg into a bottle. A great science experiment for children. Suck an egg into a bottle. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Get an Egg into a Bottle

Be the life of the party – without wearing a lampshade or starting a conga line – by getting an egg into a bottle. You Will Need * 4 Four wooden matches * 1 A wide-mouth glass bottle that holds at least 20 ounces * 1 A peeled, hard-boiled egg Step 1: Light some matches Strike ...more

How To : Put an egg in a bottle and retrieve it

Here is an inventive way to retrieve an egg once it has been magically placed into a bottle. Dazzle the audience with two magic tricks in one as you make an egg appear in a bottle and then magically make it appear outside of the bottle. This is a great two for one trick that t ...more

News : Suck an egg into a glass bottle

Magic? Camera tricks? Did someone build an egg inside the bottle with tweezers as if it were a ship? Nope. This is way easier. Basic science. As simple as a vacuum. The matches in the bottle burn up the oxygen. This creates a negative pressure environment, or vacuum. Voilà ...more

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