How To : Describe the feeling of fear in English

In this English language tutorial we look at fear and being afraid. There are many words to convey the emotion of fear and anxiety. This ESL lesson teaches you how to talk about your fear and the names of some common phobias.

How To : Hypnotize someone

Hypnosis can be used to manage pain, relieve anxiety, conquer phobias, prepare for childbirth, and cure insomnia, among other things. With a little practice and some simple techniques, you can amuse your friends or help them break a habit through hypnosis. Learn how to hypnoti ...more

News : Futuristic Flavor-Changing Meta Cookie

Like a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this high-tech cookie offers 7 different flavors. The University of Tokyo's Tajuki Narumi and team presented the Wonka inspired augmented reality flavor-changing cookie at this year's SIGGRAPH computer graphics and animation ...more

News : Giant Madagascan Hissing Cockroach Pilots Robot

This project has been posted on Vimeo for the past two years, and somehow has just entered my radar now. Get this: A robot is manned by a Madagascan hissing cockroach. Each movement the roach makes (perched atop a trackball type ping-pong ball) controls the movement of the rob ...more

News : Augmented Reality to Cure Cockroach Phobias

Creepy crawlers. I'd say I'm not an extremely girly-girl. But (much to my embarrassment) bugs still have the capacity to make me shriek. Solution? A new study suggests that augmented reality could be used to cure cockroach phobia. Via Neo-Academic: "...You sit at a desk, wea ...more

How To : Differentiate between a fear and a phobia

What's the difference between a fear and a phobia? Well, a fear is a transitory thing. Phobias are fixed. It's the difference between being frightened by a particular spider or scared of spiders in general. For more information on the difference between fears and phobias, watc ...more

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