How To : Style your hair with gel

Styling gel is the Swiss army knife of hair styling—an all-purpose tool that can help you achieve any goal or look. You may even want to take some on your next camping trip. You will need: the gel hairstyling product of your choice a blow-dryer Tip: Avoid using gels that con ...more

How To : Get thick hair with jalapenos and rum

This video is a home remedy for thicker hair. Doctors do not recommend it nor does it have proven scientific basis. If you want thicker hair, it might be fun trying. You will need the following: Rum Caster oil Ceramic cup Jalapeno peppers Tablespoon measuring spoon Kni ...more

How To : Learn how to back-comb your hair

Want fuller, thicker hair? Check out this new twist on an old style. This video tutorial shows how to back comb hair to add lift and volume at the roots for a great new look.

How To : Highlight your own hair

Highlights add depth and interest to a hair color. Get that beachy, sun-kissed look and change up your style by adding some well placed highlights in your hair. You’ll save time and money by buying a kit and doing it yourself. Step 1: Choose where to highlight Decide where t ...more

How To : Get fuller sexy thicker hair

In this video, Sharon Connolly shows us hot to get fuller, sexier and thicker hair. First, add a heat protector to your hair and brush it through. Next, add your favorite mousse and spread throughout your hair mixing it in well up to the roots. Now, take your hair dryer and br ...more

How To : Achieve stronger, more lustrous hair in five steps

Have you ever wanted Pantene commercial hair? You know, those glamorous shampoo and conditioner ads showcasing beautiful women with beautiful hair so devoid of common hair woes like split ends, raggedy texture, and frizz that it almost looks fake? We've always lusted for hair ...more

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