Give Yourself a Make-under

How To : Give yourself a tattoo

This video will show you just exactly how you can go about tattooing yourself at home. There's not a lot that is cooler than a home made tattoo.

How To : 5 Ways You're Making Yourself Dumber

No one wants to appear stupid. Whether you rely on lengthy, complicated vocabulary to show your smarts, or enjoy highlighting your speedy mental math skills, everyone prefers emphasizing intelligence over hiding it. Yet even the smallest, most normal behaviors in our day-to-d ...more

How To : Give yourself a black eye using just a newspaper

In general, no one actually WANTS a black eye. But if you're filming a movie, in a play, or just want to freak out your mom and dad or friends, it's nice to know how to "put on" a fake one. Check out this props and SFX video to learn how to give yourself a black eye using new ...more

How To : Give yourself a blood red eye makeup look

Try out these colors for fun - red, burgundy, black and smoke-ish colors for a hot blood-red look. Petrilude walks you through this amazing and gorgeous blood red makeup look. Pair it with a red dress that will leave your date hot with lust and passion.

How To : Give yourself a outer space inspired look

In this video, Petrilude shows us how to an outer-space inspired look. It's actually a little shocking. You may want to save this look for your next costume or Halloween party. Just follow along, and Petrilude will take you through the look, step by step with a little surprise ...more

How To : Give Yourself a Manicure

Manicures are beautiful and can add class and style to any person. Here are some step-by-step instructions for giving yourself a DIY manicure. Gather Materials bowl soapy water olive oil cuticle pusher nail clippers nail file with pointed end nail buffer (or nail file) cotto ...more

How To : Give yourself a facial massage

Beauty therapist Sarah Chapman shows you to give yourself a relaxing facial massage, which will improve the circulation to your skin and rejuvenate your face. Give yourself a facial massage. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Give yourself an IFV menopur shot

Menopur is used for treating infertility in women. Watch this three part video on how to properly administer an IFV menopur shot. But remember, don't try this without a doctor's recommendation. Part 1 of 3 - How to Give yourself an IFV menopur shot. Part 2 of 3 - How to Give ...more

How To : Give yourself an at home facial with Elle magazine

Master this essential salon service in the comfort of your own home with this how-to video from Elle magazine. Instead of spending lots of money on a professional spa treatment, do one yourself. Watch this video skin care tutorial and learn how to give yourself a facial at home.

How To : Give yourself a tiger print french manicure

Attention animals! Give yourself a tiger print French manicure with help from this nail art tutorial. This look is perfect for wearing to parties, concerts, or dates! Show off your creative side by spicing up your nail polish!

How To : Give yourself a summer greek goddess hairstyle

Nothing evokes beauty and elegance like the Greek goddesses. To capture their spirit, watch this video and learn how to give yourself a gorgeous Greek goddess summer hairdo. This hairstyle is perfect for medium length hair. it's fun, easy, and cute!

How To : Give yourself a scalp massage

Scalp massage not only feels good, it stimulates blood flow, which can reduce hair loss and help promote the growth of healthy hair. In this how to video, Roni Proter, host of Simply Beautiful on Veria TV, demonstrates how to give yourself a scalp massage. Watch this tutorial ...more

How To : Give yourself a deep-tissue massage

If you are the proud owner of a foam roller and back pain from stress and lost sleep, watch this video. It will show you one way to give yourself a deep tissue massage with the foam roller, dramatically reducing your pain.

How To : Give yourself perfect highlights

Looking to brighten up your hairdo? Add pizzazz to your hair by giving yourself highlights—at home. In this video, learn how to give yourself the perfect highlights. You Will Need: • A highlighting kit • An old blouse • Water • Conditioner • A towel • Clarifying shampoo ...more

How To : Give yourself a foot massage with a tennis ball

In this Diet & Health video tutorial you will learn how to give yourself a foot massage with a tennis ball. This video is presented by Sarah Irwin from Take a normal tennis ball and make sure you have a wall or a chair or a stick for balancing. Plac ...more

How To : Give yourself a facial

You don't need a trip to the spa to treat yourself to a facial. All you need is a half an hour and some key items to emerge with a clean, fresh, and relaxed face.

How To : Give Yourself a Zombie Hairstyle

At first glance, it may look like zombies don't care about their hair, but they really do. Zombies have a distinct look, and if you're trying to make a zombie costume for Halloween, you should be sure to watch this hairstyle tutorial so you can get it right.

How To : Give yourself effortless glamor with a fun hairstyle

If you are looking for fun everyday hairstyles that are fashionable right now, watch this video and learn. These hairstyles are great if you have natural long hair or enjoy wearing hair extensions. Styling your own hair is fun and easy when you know what you are doing.

How To : Give yourself beautiful peacock inspired eyeshadow

This tutorial shows you a beautiful way to blend green, blue and purple eyeshadow for an eye catching peacock look. Perfect for New Year's Eve or any other dressy occasion! Start with an undercoat, then follow along with this tutorial and become the life of the party!

How To : Give yourself a Tarot card reading

Most of the time, a divination using the Tarot cards will be performed for someone else. But if you have your own questions about the future, Peter John teaches you how to use a simple three card spread for a Tarot card reading when you are the querent.

HowTo : Give Yourself a World Cup Manicure

Make it Sparkle is stylin' with her World Cup manicure, representing 10 countries. Click through for a Google-translated tutorial. Happy World Cup! Get your latest World Cup news here. Previously, The Whole World is Watching: Faces of the World Cup. 32 Amazing Murals Depicti ...more

How To : Give yourself an at-home salon-style pedicure

Get your toes in top shape without stepping foot outside the home with this pedicure tutorial. Learn how to make a foot scrub from products at home and get your feet soft and smooth. Watch this how to video and you can get a salon style pedicure at home.

How To : Give yourself a manicure

More and more people are having regular manicures, and it's the sort of thing you can learn to do at home, This how to video shows a few simple rules that you can use to improve the appearance of your hands and nails. The basic equipment you'll need to complete the task are : ...more

How To : Give yourself a pedicure like a professional

Many people enjoy being pampered when getting their nails pedicured professionally, but by following this simple step by step how to video you can get your feet in tip top shape at home in a little over half an hour. Items you'll need for the pedicure: a basin or tub, foot soa ...more

How To : Give yourself an oil massage

Massage yourself with oil to relieve stress and soreness. You don't really require that much oil. Our skin has a lot of oil already. Use a little bit of oil, rub it on your hands and go deep. Treat your muscles with self massage in this health how-to video. Take Action Use a ...more

HowTo : Give Yourself a Sushi Facial

Outside of being one of YouTube's most revered beauty gurus, Michelle Phan is resourceful to say the least. Kitty litter. Hot chocolate. Tomatoes. Aspirin. Eggs. Ice. And now: sushi. Well, technically, seaweed. So if you want to skip the sushi part, and just buy the seaweed p ...more

How To : Give yourself Bettie Page bangs

Bettie Page's bangs are one of the iconic parts of her iconic look that has sadly been lost to the world. Bring it back! This video will teach you how to create your own replica Betty Bangs at home using only a curling iron. Unfortunately, you have to have straight bangs alrea ...more

How To : Give yourself Rainbow Brite inspired french tips

She shows us how to apply the rainbow brite french tip by first applying a white tip. You should let the paint dry. Next you should do you first thin stripe in pink. After you finish pink you should do orange and then yellow. The last thin lines of color to apply is green, blu ...more

How To : Give yourself french tips with silver glitter

Kayden demonstrates how to do navy blue gradient French tips with silver glitter. For this you need a base coat, top coat, navy blue nail polish and some glitter. First she applies the base coat, then she dots some of the polish onto a piece of cardboard. She dips a small spo ...more

How To : Give yourself a tan using Photoshop

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to tan an image using Adobe Photoshop. Begin by opening the image in the program and create a new layer. Then select the brush tool and select the tan color. Click OK and apply the color over the areas that are wanted to be tan. Then a ...more

How To : Give yourself that flawless skin look

Do you want to achieve a nice, clean look? Flawless skin is the first step in achieve just that. This video will show you exactly how to achieve that flawless look you've always wanted. hahah im sure you will love my picture examples with pink doodles! so this is just some st ...more

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