Glowsticking Tutorial

How To : Make glowstick rainbow walls

Check out this instructional dance video to learn how to create rainbow walls when glowsticking. Glowsticking is the act of dancing with glowsticks. It is the "umbrella term" describing the two categories of glowsticking: freehandling and glowstringing. All you need is a 45 in ...more

How To : Perform a string wrap with glowsticks

This tutorial teaches you how to do a string wrap with glowsticks. String Wrap is a type of wrap that involves pinching one of the glowsticks while wrapping the other glowstick around the taut string. Watch this how to video and you'll be glowsticking a string wrap in no time.

How To : Do a stomach trace with glowsticks

By definition, tracing is outlining parts of the body (arms, head, legs, etc.) with glowsticks. This is the most expressive and visually appealing aspect of glowsticking. Traces can be done all over the body, in both symmetrical and asymmetrical forms. This type of trace is lo ...more

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