How To : Put fishing line on spinning reels

Want to go fishing but lack the necessary nautical know-how? Never fear; you have the Internet and its wealth of free how-to videos. In this particular one, you'll learn how to put fishing line on spinning reals. Take a look.

How To : Make homemade fish bait

In this video, learn how to make fish bait - the easy way! This bait works well for perch, bluegills and other smaller fish. The ingredients for this type of bait are cheap and you probably already have a lot of them in your pantry or refrigerator. So, if the store bought kind ...more

How To : Attach a worm to a fishing hook

Want to go fishing but lack the necessary technical know-how when it comes to the sport's specialized equipment? Never you fear, brave pescador(a): with this fisherman's how-to, you'll learn how to attach a bait worm to a fishing hook. When attaching a worm to a fishing hook, ...more

How To : Assemble a fishing pole

Want to go fishing but lack the necessary nautical know-how? Never fear; you have the Internet and its wealth of free how-to videos. In this particular one, you'll learn how to assemble a fishing pole.

How To : Tia a rapala knot with fishing line for fishing

The Rapala Knot is the knot that the Rapala brothers recommend to use with Rapala lures. The Rapala Knot attaches the lure with a loop at the end of the line. The loop will allow the lure to move freely and naturally. The Rapala brother also emphasize that the line is attached ...more

How To : Make catfish bait at home

Use this simple recipe to catch great catfish, and make it all from the comforts of your own home! First what you need is an old butter dish to mix in, as well as an old spoon. Cornmeal, flour, old cheese, kool-aid for flavor, garlic powder, tuna, and water are the simple ingr ...more

How To : Catch more catfish on a fishing trip

THe channel catfish is the most famous fish in the rivers of the South. They are pretty easy to fish for and make good eating, so watch this video for tips on making sure you reel in a big catfish the next time you go fishing.

How To : Go fishing in Terraria

Whether you're looking to catch a big one, or just spend some time unwinding by the virtual lake, this video is your guide to Terraria fishing. Learn how to fish in Terraria by watching this video and following along with these instructions.

How To : Tie the "stimulator" for fly fishing

A two part lesson, this will show you how to meticulously and correctly tie the stimulator fly. You'll be stimulated to go fishing right away. You'll see. Part 1 of 2 - How to Tie the "stimulator" for fly fishing. Part 2 of 2 - How to Tie the "stimulator" for fly fishing.

How To : Play go fish

The object of this game is to collect the most "books"—or sets—of four of a kind, like four kings, four nines, and so on. How do you collect them? You go fish!

News : Irving goes fishing and drowns to death.

The idea is to find a popular fishing spot like a pier or riverbank or low bridge and have zisman bring his pole. After a minute conversation with a local talkin bout how people don't fish like they used to hell back in my day we caught em with our bare hands you youngters are ...more

How To : Cut cards (shuffle cards) with one hand

Want to look totally pro when you deal blackjack, or even just when you're playing Go Fish with your friends? Then check out this easy yet super impressive card shuffling trick. Cutting cards can either be boring or a spectacle, so add some spice to your card game by shuffling ...more

How To : Make a chic duct tape playing card holder

Are you still one of those boring folks who use duct tape only as it's recommended, i.e. for taping stuff together? Well, get ready to be enlightened - while organizing your life a little bit - by watching this innovative duct tape tutorial. You'll learn a novel use for duct ...more

News : Caught some black drum in Fort Desoto

Went fishing this past weekend in Fort Desoto and caught 4 black drum and many silver and spotted trout. The black drum were in huge schools swimming near the surface, it's amazing to see that many huge fish all at one time!

News : Nothing Beats Buying @ The Fishmongers Stall

I am missing those times when I get to go to the fishmongers @ the beach in our home town. You get to buy the freshest and the latest catch from the local fishermen. And whats more, you get it cheaper than anywhere on the planet. Even at the lowest price you can still haggle t ...more

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