How To : Make your own gameboot for your PSP

This is a tutorial video demonstrating how to make your own gameboot for PSP. The video recommends starting with part 1 and proceeding through to part 2, 3, and 4 in order. It is important to look at the video description for vital information and links. A cintro is a custom i ...more

How To : Change a drive letter

Changing the drive letter is necessary for reassigning hard drives. This straightforward tutorial breaks down the steps for performing this simple computer-housekeeping task. Steps: 1. Go to start Then "control Panel" 2. From control panel go to "Performance and Maintenance" ...more

News : Silent Poop

For this prank, get one of the guys from the crew (prob will be Dave England) to walk in a library ready to poop. Have him then get a book to read or maybe go on computer and just sit and not talk. Then have him begin to poop. While this is going on make sure he try's and play ...more

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