How To : Use proper ball position for accurate golf drives

Not everybody knows exactly where the position the ball when teeing off. Do you know where it should be placed? Director of Education for Troon Golf, Tim Mahoney, teaches you where to place the golf ball in your stance and how that impacts your ballflight. Just watch to see ho ...more

How To : Get a long golf drive with a pace of power

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to get a long golf drive with a pace of power. The key to hitting long drives and distance is to have good tempo and balance. To achieve that, hit with a smooth 3 second swing. Count 1-3 seconds when making one single swing and hit on ...more

How To : Get more power out of your golf drive

It's time for some golf! What's an 18-year-old know about distance? Justin James can belt it 400 yards and more, and with his power tip, you too can tack on a few extra yards. Well, maybe not 400 yards, but you get the idea. See how to get more power out of your golf drive. F ...more

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