How To : Coil your golf swing for more power

Do you know how coiling effects golf swing? Swaying too far off the ball in the backswing and downswing is one of the most common power leaks in golf. Use five-time, Re/Max World Long Drive Champ, Jason Zuback's method for creating power through a proper coil and gain yards no ...more

How To : Hit a golf ball far with lower body help

Fire that golf ball! Long drive competitor Vince Howell demonstrates his technique for hitting the golf ball a long way by firing his lower body. To hit the golf ball farther means you have to manage your upper and lower body. Just watch to see how to hit a golf ball far with ...more

How To : Use proper ball position for accurate golf drives

Not everybody knows exactly where the position the ball when teeing off. Do you know where it should be placed? Director of Education for Troon Golf, Tim Mahoney, teaches you where to place the golf ball in your stance and how that impacts your ballflight. Just watch to see ho ...more

How To : Hit a golf ball longer and straighter when driving

When driving are you coming up a little short? In this video presented by Golf Tips Mag, learn how to hit a golf ball longer and straighter when driving to up your game! Get free advice in this video from one of the PGA Tour's best drivers, Jason Gore!

How To : Slow your golf swing down for more power

Slow down? What!?! You've got to love the simplicity when it comes to long drive tips from long drive competitors. The long hitting Jamie Sadlowski shares his simple tip for more power, and it's not what you might think. See how to slow your golf swing down for more power. Fo ...more

How To : Achieve solid impact with a golf iron and driver

It's time for some golf! Doug Hammer, PGA, from Talking Stick Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona says, "Making solid contact is the key to hitting the golf ball farther. But a proper impact position with an iron is significantly different than that of a driver." Learn how to do ...more

How To : Use smooth backswing to drive a golf ball far

Backswing is everything off the tee. To hit the golf ball a long way, the backswing ought to build up as much energy as possible. Learn how it's done from long drive competitor, Adam Stacy... see how to use smooth backswing to drive a golf ball far. For nearly two decades, Go ...more

How To : Improve your golf swing with the finish drill

It's time for some golf! If you spend a lot of time on the practice tee but don't seem to improve, it's time to get more productive. Try Mike Vardeman's simple drill for improving both your balance and power now. See how to improve your golf swing with the finish drill. For n ...more

How To : Get longer distance in golf with proper arm width

Arm width is a great aspect of gaining distance on the fairway. 2004 Senior ReMax Long Driving Champion Bobby Wilson teaches you how to hit the golf ball farther by increasing width in your swing. See how to get width in your golf swing for more driving distance. For nearly t ...more

How To : Read the green to improve your golf game

Are you having trouble with your green reading? It's not an easy task, but you can learn it. Green reading doesn't start when you get to the green. In fact it starts when you approach the green. In this video, Rick Sessinghaus divides the art of green reading into four parts, ...more

How To : Prevent lag from ruining your golf swing

Lag, is it real? Can swing lag help or hurt your golf game? According to Jeff Yurkiewicz, emulating pro golfers when it comes to lag can actually hurt your golf game more than help it. See how to prevent lag from ruining your golf swing. For nearly two decades, Golf Tips Maga ...more

How To : Get the proper width in your golf stance

The width could be your enemy, so pay attention... How many times have you been told to widen your stance to hit the golf ball farther? According to Devin Nolan, the proper feet width is determined by the hips, not the shoulders. See how to get the proper width in your golf st ...more

How To : Use efficient power to crush a golf ball

Want to crush the golf ball as far as you can? Four-time Long Drive Champ Jason Zuback knows all there is about how to crush a golf ball. Listen to his advice and in no time you'll add yards and tear up the golf course. Learn how to use efficient power to crush a golf ball. F ...more

How To : Manage your upper body for powerful golf swings

Upper body is super important in any golf game. To hit the ball a long way, the shoulders ought to play an important role in the swing. Learn from Steve Griffith's tip on how to manage the upper body during the swing to help create more power. For nearly two decades, Golf Tip ...more

How To : Drive the golf ball like Sean O'Hair

If you want to learn golf swings, Sean O'Hair is the main to learn from. One of the most exciting and talented young players on Tour, Sean O'Hair also has one of the best golf swings around. Check out his move with the 3-wood, which is nearly perfect, and you too can learn to ...more

How To : Fix a slice in golf

The slice can ruin your golf game, but you can fix a slice with practice and by learning the causes of slicing. Learn pro golf tips for fixing, curing a slice in this free golf lesson video. Part 1 of 19 - How to Fix a slice in golf. Fix a slice in golf - Part 2 of 19. Click t ...more

How To : Have tour-like spin on your golf wedge shot

Want tour-like spin on your swing? There are several keys to imparting tour-like spin on your wedge shots, including proper set up, a correct angle of attack, and quality contact. Tim Mahoney, Director of Education for Troon Golf, explains these keys and how you can make them ...more

How To : Drive longer in golf

Hit longer drives in golf, increasing your range on the course and lowering your average; try these golf tips to improve your drives and better your game in these free video golf lessons. Part 1 of 16 - How to Drive longer in golf. Drive longer in golf - Part 2 of 16. Click th ...more

How To : Clock your wedge shots for a better golf swing

Do you have the perfect timing? Timing your swing is important, but sometimes a clock can do a whole lot more to help your golf swing. By imagining the face of a clock, you can effectively train your body to calculate the proper swing length for shots from various distances. S ...more

How To : Do the golf ladder chipping drill

Golfing drills are the only way you will get better. Sometimes chipping practice can be tedious, especially with no goals in mind. Pam Wright teaches her clever technique for making the art of chipping more exciting. Pam Wright, LPGA, shows you how to do the golf ladder chippi ...more

How To : Keep solid, consistent chipping in your golf game

Chipping is a very important aspect of your golf game. It's nearly impossible score well if your short game is sub-par. To ensure this is not the case, Derek Hooper, PGA, from Lake of Isles in Connecticut, shows you the secret to solid, consistent chipping. See how to be more ...more

How To : Position the ball for your golf shots

Ball position means everything for an awesome swing. Tom Leese from Angel Park Golf Club in Las Vegas, explains why different golf clubs demand different ball positions. Just watch to see how to position the ball for your golf shots. For nearly two decades, Golf Tips Magazine ...more

How To : Use proper golf stance to hit the ball straight

This video teaches you how to hit the ball straight using proper golf stance. Golf tips magazine presents Joe Durant, one of the best PGA Golf hitters in the league. He first tells us the problems with bad posture in amateur golfers. He shows us the bad posture and then demons ...more

How To : Use general knowledge to crush the golf ball

Time for some golf! Three-time, Re/Max Long Drive champ Sean "The Beast" Fister advises you to use your knowledge and experience with other sports to maximize your golf ball driving distance. See how to use what you know to crush the golf ball. For nearly two decades, Golf Ti ...more

How To : Cure a reverse pivot in golf

This video demonstrates the pre golf tips by Bobby Cole. The instructor is explaining about the problem of the people that they can not take the ball to far. The reason for this is reverse weight. It can be achieved by putting the weight in same direction where you want to hit ...more

How To : Perfect your sand game with sand bunker shots

Golf Pro Kevin Beukema gives amateur Bobby Gromala a few quick keys to a better sand bunker game in golf. Hit the links prepared to get at least par with these great golf tips from the pros. Stay out of the sand trap and in the hole or on the grass.

How To : Grip correctly in golf

Your grip is a big part of your golf swing, and there are many grips you might not know. Try all the free golf tips for your grip and swing in this video golf lesson series. Part 1 of 26 - How to Grip correctly in golf. Grip correctly in golf - Part 2 of 26. Click through to w ...more

How To : Create power in your golf swing

This video is mainly related to golf. Golf tips-lot of strength=fast swing speed. Here in this video the narrator gives golf tips as he is champion and he has achieved success by following the tips. He gives golf tips to create power in the golf swing and how to implements the ...more

How To : Improve your overall golf swing

Do you know what's real versus your feel? Very few players realize that what they feel during the swing isn't actual what's happening. Eddie Lee explains how to remedy this situation and improve your overall swing and golf game. See how to swing the golf club for what's real, ...more

How To : Get more power out of your golf drive

It's time for some golf! What's an 18-year-old know about distance? Justin James can belt it 400 yards and more, and with his power tip, you too can tack on a few extra yards. Well, maybe not 400 yards, but you get the idea. See how to get more power out of your golf drive. F ...more

How To : Use bounce to escape a bunker in golf

This golf tips video features Eddie Lee, who demonstrates how to use bounce to get the ball out of a bunker. Lighten your grip and rotate the club about 15 degrees to the right to expose the bounce. He demonstrates how to swing, keeping the club face open, with the club head p ...more

How To : Stretch for more yardage on your golf swing

Is your game on the green coming up a little short? Go long with help from this tutorial presented by Golf Tips Mag. In this free lesson, learn how to stretch more yardage on your golf swing with a littl help from a gold expert.

How To : Start the golf backswing and downswing

In this video golf tip, Mel shows us a drill that clarifies the confusions about how to properly start the backswing and downswing. This video demonstration will help you work on your golf technique and learn new skills. Watch this video golf tutorial and learn how to start a ...more

How To : Use a one plane hip turn for your golf swing

If you need some improvement on your golf swing, Mike LaBauve can help you. This small video golf tip will show you how to use a one plane hip turn for your golf swing. In a one plane motion the arms, shoulders and hips all turn around in a circle as opposed to a slide and hip ...more

How To : Cure weight shift problems

Weight shift problems affect both low and high handicappers, and contribute to pulling, hooking and slicing the ball. In this Mel in Motion video golf tip, Mel demonstrates a surprisingly simple drill that will help you overcome weight shift problems and get better distance wi ...more

How To : Do the golf "chicken wing" swing

There are just a few situations in golf that can be addressed with an intentional "chicken wing" swing, but this cool shot is a great way for advanced golfers to get out of severe downhill lies. Mel demonstrates the technique for you in this Mel in Motion video golf tip. Learn ...more

How To : Draw the ball in golf

This involves a golf tip in how to draw a ball. He is on a golf course and is explaining that a draw is different then a hook. He explains that when you draw the ball you don't change the swing you change the way you align your feet. To make the proper draw is to simply drop t ...more

How To : Putt like a pro golfer

What's one of the defining golf skills that sets amateur and professional golfers apart? Putting. In this video golf tip, Mel Sole provides key strategies that will help you putt like a pro.

How To : Hit an uneven lie with a proper swing

Many golfers, including low handicappers, aren't sure as to how to play the ball from uphill and downhill lies. You can avoid bad shots on uneven lies however if you follow a few basic principles. In this Mel in Motion video golf tip, Mel dissects the proper swing mechanics an ...more

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