News : Poem of The Day

An unholy Sabbath Running from a unholy presence chasing me down An eclipse forms blocking sunlight from the entire town Panic attacks penetrating my mind Voices inside my head constantly repeating “join us its time” Managed to go into my house, grabbing a golden holy cro ...more

News : South American teams doing great.

Hey now! Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay are doing very well in their respective groups. The are all expected to qualify to the final 16. In fact, they are doing better than any other continent. Europe's top flight teams are disappointing, as are the host Africa ...more

News : Local Student Fights for Immigrant Rights!

Gonzalo presents his work.. Film and Theatre Arts 11th Grader Gonzalo Romero is interviewed by On Central, a website for Southern California Public Radio, about his amazing work to educate his community about immigrant rights. Click the link and check out the story! http://o ...more

News : United We Stand

Through the eyes of the ignorant. United We Stand. 1. An immigrants life isn’t what people say 2. Took jobs that people want, they should be ashamed. 3. They do not work they sit around and play 4. I’m sick of it, kill them or get them tamed 5. Like a dog on a leash, tra ...more

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