Grapes Microwave

How To : Make plasma with grapes and a microwave oven

This free video science lesson from the Mr G. demonstrates a simple technique for generating plasma with a microwave and a few grapes. For all of the relevant details and detailed, step-by-step instructions, as well as to get started trying this experiment yourself, watch this ...more

How To : Make plasma from grapes

You have seen a match make plasma in the microwave. You have seen a compact disc light up. Now you are going to see why it is dangerous to put grapes in the microwave. What's going on? Well, I only have an idea for some parts. The first part is speculation -- the sparks are r ...more

How To : Make fire shoot out of a grape

Bet you never knew fire can come from a grape... an ordinary edible grape. This video tutorial will show you exactly how to make fire shoot out of a grape, and it's easier than you think, or maybe not. Cut the grape in the middle, almost all of the way through. Peel the fruit ...more

How To : Everything You Know About Microwave Ovens Is a Lie

Chances are that you've been using your microwave just to nuke leftovers, but they can do so much more than heat up last night's dinner—microwaves can help you peel garlic more quickly, get more juice out of lemons, disinfect your kitchen, dry out herbs, give beauty products n ...more

News : Ignite chaotic flashes of plasma in your microwave

Yes, plasma. The fourth state of matter. What's going on? The sparks result from an electrical discharge between the sides of the grape. If the flashes of light are not enough evidence, enjoy the 120Hz buzzing. The discharges vaporize the sugars in the grape and then cause t ...more

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