Graphing Inequality

How To : Graph an inequality in slope-intercept form

This how to video shows you how to graph an inequality in slope intercept form. First, graph the line. Depending on the inequality, use a dash or solid line. Use a solid line for less than or equal to or greater than or equal to. Use a dash line for greater than or less than. ...more

How To : Graph an inequality on a number line in Algebra

The video described here from [free math tutoring Freemathtutoring] teaches how to plot natural number on a number line in different situations. First, the author defines natural numbers, integers and real numbers. He then teaches different methods on how to plot natural numbe ...more

How To : Graph an inequality on a number line

Need a little help in understanding the number line and graphing an inequality? Great! Here you will learn a valuable lesson with this how to do video. A basic tutorial, it explains what kind of dot to use when you are graphing inequalities. Then it shows you how to place the ...more

How To : Graph a system of inequalities in algebra

From Ramanujan to calculus co-creator Gottfried Leibniz, many of the world's best and brightest mathematical minds have belonged to autodidacts. And, thanks to the Internet, it's easier than ever to follow in their footsteps (or just finish your homework or study for that next ...more

How To : Graph inequalities on a number line

In this video, we learn how to graph inequalities on a number line. Inequalities have a greater than or less than sign instead of an equal signs. Remember that these are no different than figuring out how to graph normal equations. First, you will need to remove the single num ...more

How To : Graph linear inequalities

Solving the Inequalities using graph, first you have to take the inequality equation into equal. Then convert the equation into straight line equation i-e(y=mx+c). Giving own values for 'x' like (-1, 0, 1) we would get the value for 'y'. By plotting these points in the graph, ...more

How To : Graph linear inequalities

In this video the instructor shows how to graph linear inequalities. A linear in a equation is almost similar to a linear equation except for the sign in the equation. Now treat the in equation as a linear equation and graph the line. So substitute the lesser than or greater t ...more

How To : Graph inequalities

Learn the correct method for graphing inequalities on a number line. Inequalities are, simply, mathematical comparisons between numbers or expressions. Numbers and other expressions can be greater than, less than, and/or equal to other numbers or expressions. Typically, this i ...more

How To : Graph square root functions & inequalities

On Yay Math, Robert Ahdoot, founder of Yay Math, will show you some square root functions and some inequalities. He begins with the problem y=x². Then he makes a sketch with two intersecting lines in a t shape. The problem is illustrated by a curved U shape, the U's bottom res ...more

How To : Graph linear equations in algebra easily

In this math lesson you will learn how to graph linear inequalities. Let’s graph the following inequality: 4x + y > 4 First, attach the corresponding equation: 4x + y = 4 Then, isolate y by subtracting 4x on both sides: y = -4x + 4 The slope and y-intercept equation of a ...more

How To : Shade a system of inequalities

In this video the instructor shows how to shade a system of inequalities. He says that shading a system of inequalities is similar to shading a single inequality but in the former case you tend to shade more than one inequality in the same graph. He shows how to do that using ...more

How To : Solve rational inequalities using sine charts

When you are solving inequality for a rational function you don't do it the same way as you would solve an equality. Now the instructor shows how to solve an inequality with the help of an example. Now to solve an inequality which is in the form a/b first take the numerator an ...more

How To : Graph & shade a polygon of constraints

This video shows us how to graph & shade a polygon of constraints. Start out by finding the non zero constraints and the other constraints and inequalities. You will need to know how to graph before you begin to do this equation. Look at the first constraint and then fill in t ...more

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