How To : Make a simple spin logo animation in Cinema 4D

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla demonstrates how to create a very simple spinning logo animation. Using Cinema 4D, Mograph, and Random Effecter, Nick combines different textures and camera angles for a rich, slick finished product. Check out his blog entry here: http://greyscale ...more

How To : Use different types of keyframes in After Effects

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla boils down the basics of keyframing. Many beginning users of After Effects try to use too many different keyframes and styles. Fortunately, this tutorial shows you simpler executions of the same concepts. Check out this link for the After Effects p ...more

AHS Cult : Become the Pentagram Clown for Halloween

Pentagram has to be one of the most nightmarish creations on American Horror Story (even though she has some pretty tough competition to fend off). Can you think of anything much worse than a pair of hands wriggling their way out of your temples? Well, a pair of hands wriggli ...more

How To : Clean up your bookmarks in Safari

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla gives you a bunch of tips and tricks for cleaning up your bookmarks toolbar in Safari. These ideas are incredibly helpful for improving your workflow and productivity.

How To : Use simple shapes and masks to make a cool animation

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla shows you how to make a very intricate animation sequence in After Effects. Although it's very complicated, the final output is very simple and sleek. He demonstrates some very useful tips and tricks for better After Effects efficiency.

How To : Model in Cinema 4D

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla shows you how to use primitives, splines, nurbs, deformers, and Mograph in order to model in Cinema 4D. It's not necessarily great for organic modelling but is wonderful for inanimate, non carbon-based objects.

How To : Texture objects and lights in Cinema 4D

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla presents a fantastic tutorial on texturing objects in Cinema 4D. This is especially helpful for creating realistic looking objects. Describing his workflow, his process is incredibly informative

How To : Use CS Tools in Cinema 4D

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla does a great walkthrough of the CS Tools bundle for Cinema 4D. He demonstrates installation as well as basic uses for simply accomplishing complicated 3D effects.

How To : Set up a scene and render an image in Cinema 4D

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla shows you the basics of setting up a project file, creating a scene, and rendering a final image in Cinema 4D. He also does a basic tutorial for post-production HDR lighting. Go here for the HDR map and C4D Project file: ...more

How To : Use the gradient wipe transition in Final Cut Pro

In this Final Cut Pro tutorial, Richard Harrington takes a look at the gradient wipe transition. The gradient wipe transition is a highly customizable transition using greyscale patterns to create your own custom wipes. Creative Cow is a support community for digital video, v ...more

How To : Get all the achievements in Limbo for the Xbox 360

If you're looking to buy a game that doesn't cost too much and offers great looking visuals, then Limbo is for you. This puzzle-platform game is a sidescroller that has you controlling an unnamed boy who is searching for his sister. There's no soundtrack, it's in greyscale, an ...more

How To : Improve renders with Linear Workflow in Cinema 4D

Linear Workflow is automatically activated in new projects in Cinema 4D and is a feature to ensure that lighting falloff is rendered more accurately and realistically on light sources, textures and reflections. Greyscale Gorilla explains the concept in this demonstration video ...more

How To : Do sky replacement in Photoshop

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla shows you a few simple methods to replace a boring sky with one that is more visually interesting. Using various selection tools you can be your own manipulator.

How To : Build a car racing scene from photographs

In this great, albeit long, tutorial Nick from Greyscale Gorilla shows you how to create a car racing scene from a series of photographs in After Effects. It's very kinetic and looks great. Go here for the PSD file: ...more

How To : Use 2.2 gamma correction in Cinema 4D

Nick at Greyscale Gorilla shows you how to do gamma correction at 2.2 in Cinema 4D. Opening up your gamma will allow you to see deeper into the shadows and the highlights while still keeping a crisp image.

How To : Use Dynamics in Cinema 4D

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla demonstrates how to use Dynamics in Cinema 4D. This feature is incredibly helpful for making chaotic interaction of shapes. It's almost like chaos theory meets order.

How To : Make abstract shapes in Cinema 4D

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla shows you a great way of playing around with shapes in order to play around with lighting and shadows. Most of this approach is very conceptual, but it's incredibly important to import ideas for later projects.

How To : Keyframe in After Effects

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla shows you how to do one of the bread and butter effects in Adobe's After Effects: keyframing. He shows you a simple animation of a boxcar going around a race track.

How To : Do a unique film flash time lapse

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla explains how he did a certain timelapse technique in conjunction with certin in-camera effects for the "Every Photo Shot for the Conan O'Brien Title Sequence" video. The video is available here: ...more

How To : Change the hue and saturation in Photoshop

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla gives a great tutorial on not only how to adjust the hue and saturation of various objects in Photoshop, but he also demonstrates how to select and isolate these objects for better chromatic keying. Check out his blog entry here: http://greyscaleg ...more

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