Grizzly Bear

How To : Tell grizzly bears apart from black bears

It's not by color (as you might expect because of the name), and it's not by size. It's the body shape. Check out this video from the folks at Yellowstone National Park and see for yourself how to tell the difference between grizzly bears and black bears.

How To : Be safe when hiking in bear country

The advice from this video by the National Park Service is: 1. Make loud noises so you don't sneak up on them 2. Carry a bear spray 3. Know the difference between a black bear and a grizzly bear. So watch this video and get more details on how to be safe in bear country - whet ...more

News : The Last Tango To Hell and Back

The Jackass cast enter a hotel ballroom completely nude except they are all wearing safety goggles.Each member must pair up to second member to use as a "dance partner". Some slow romantic music starts playing over a large stereo sound system in the room. ("Slow Dancing" by Jo ...more

How To : Survive a bear attack

Learn how to deal with a black bear or grizzly encounter with Shannon Davis and Ted the Bear. Black bears are distinguished from brown bears by lack of a prominent shoulder hump; a Roman profile or sloping nose and forehead instead of a dished forehead; and shorter, thicker cl ...more

How To : Do makeup for a bear costume

Our expert will walk you through this relatively simple makeup job, with tips on how to create the effect of fur on the face, how to do a bear muzzle and lips, and other techniques to help you get grizzly. Part 1 of 15 - How to Do makeup for a bear costume. Do makeup for a bea ...more

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