How To : Groom your pubic hair

This is a topic that gets a lot of attention. Want to get rid of your pubic hair? Make sure you don't jump for the razor just yet. Waxing, electrolysis, shaving: they're all options. To best avoid in-grown hairs, razor burn and keep your bikini groomed for more time-- she reco ...more

How To : Dry and groom a bichon frise dog

This video pet grooming tutorial series shows the steps for drying and brushing out the coat of a bichon frise dog. This breed of dog has a particularly fluffy coat which might seem unruly and hard to groom. Regular washings and trimmings keep the fur looking fresh and clean. ...more

How To : Groom, style, and trim a long-haired dog

Long-haired dogs require extra attention when grooming. Thick fur can become matted, which not only looks messy, but can actually be painful and even unhealthy for the dog. Watch this video pet grooming tutorial and learn how to style and trim a long-haired dog's coat.

How To : Groom a poodle dog

Dog grooming your poodle may seem like a difficult task but with the right tools and information it can be easy! Learn how to groom a poodle with tips from a dog groomer in this free pet care video series. Part 1 of 12 - How to Groom a poodle dog. Groom a poodle dog - Part 2 o ...more

How To : Groom men's eyebrows

In this video, we learn how to groom men's eyebrows with Aaron Marino. You will need: high quality tweezers, small scissors, fine tooth comb, and a pencil. First, use the pencil and place along the inside and outside of your eye to know where your eyebrow should start and stop ...more

How To : Groom a long haired dog

Take care of your dog by grooming them regularly. Learn how to clean eyes and ears and brush a dog's coat in this free pet care video series about dog grooming. Part 1 of 5 - How to Groom a long haired dog. Groom a long haired dog - Part 2 of 5. Click through to watch this vid ...more

How To : Groom a poodle

Watch this instructional dog video on how to groom your poodle for show days. Mix a shampoo and water solution. Use a cleaning shampoo and a reconstructive shampoo. Follow these grooming guidelines to give your poodle a fashionable look.

How To : Groom and style African American hair

It's a known fact that women want the hair opposite of what they have. Those with curly hair try to straighten their locks, while those with straight hair try to add curls. Embrace your beautiful African American hair by watching this video on how to style and care for thick ...more

How To : Groom a dog

Dog grooming is an important part of keeping your dog healthy and happy. Learn how to do basic dog grooming with tips from a professional dog groomer in this free pet care video series. Part 1 of 8 - How to Groom a dog. Groom a dog - Part 2 of 8. Click through to watch this vi ...more

How To : Groom a Chinese crested dog

Watch this instructional grooming video to bathe a Chinese crested dog. Mix a shampoo and water solution. Work the shampoo through the coat. Apply ultra silk cream to the dog's head, tail and skin. Rinse, dry and comb.

How To : Groom an angora rabbit

This is the beginning part of a six part video describing grooming English angoras. Part 1 of 6 - How to Groom an angora rabbit. Part 2 of 6 - How to Groom an angora rabbit. Part 3 of 6 - How to Groom an angora rabbit. Part 4 of 6 - How to Groom an angora rabbit. Part 5 of ...more

How To : Fold an advanced geometric origami groom

Now that spring is approaching swiftly, it's officially going to be wedding season. That means lots of fanciful soirees, the Wedding March played so often you can hear it in your sleep, and bride and grooms floating towards the pasto to say their I Dos. Gift the groom or the ...more

How To : Groom your dog on your own

In this how-to video, you will learn how to groom your dog. Grooming is important for any kind of dog. It is important to find a groomer if you cannot do it yourself. Hair under the arms should be trimmed, otherwise it will become dread locked. It is also important to brush yo ...more

How To : Groom a horse's mane and tail

A horse's main and tail can get filled with knots. This how-to video shows how to care for their hair. You will learn how to comb and trim a horse's mane and tail according to the breed and purpose. Watch this video pet grooming tutorial and learn how to care for a horse's man ...more

How To : Groom, shape, and fill eyebrows

Eyebrows are something easy to let go. Those light strays sometimes can go unnoticed for days, but when in the sun, can reveal a nasty nightmare of ungroomed madness! In this video, learn how to groom, shape, and fill in your eyebrows courtesy of Glintzy.

How To : Tweeze, shape & groom eyebrows

In this video from kandeejohnson we learn how to tweeze, shape, and groom eyebrows. Must have tools for this are tweezer, a curved pair of cuticle scissors, an eyebrow brush, and mini razors. First find the dimensions of your eyebrow. Take the eyebrow brush and using the stick ...more

How To : Buy long haired dog grooming equipment

In this series of videos Elise McMahon talks about grooming equipment for long haired dogs. Part 1 of 22 - How to Buy long haired dog grooming equipment. Buy long haired dog grooming equipment - Part 2 of 22. Click through to watch this video on Buy long hair ...more

How To : Shape, groom, and enhance your eyebrows

We're all for natural beauty, and we think you look great with or without makeup, but there's one thing we are a stickler about: eyebrows. There's no girl out there with the perfect set: they're either perfectly shaped but too sparse, thick enough but evocative of Groucho Marx ...more

How To : Groom a dog creatively

Dog grooming is important for keeping your pet happy and healthy, but be sure to learn these safety tips for grooming pets in this free pet care video. Part 1 of 9 - How to Groom a dog creatively. Groom a dog creatively - Part 2 of 9. Click through to watch this video on exper ...more

How To : Groom and color dog fur

In this video series, a professional dog stylist will show you how to do basic dog grooming, including brushing the fur, trimming nails and cleaning ears. She will also go beyond the basics and demonstrate how your can color your dogs fur. Using a few techniques, our expert wi ...more

How To : Groom your horse

Maylyn McEwan describes how to give a horse a perfect groom. She says you must clean the hooves, remove any dirt and sweat marks, remove hair and promote circulation, remove any dirt and grease, groom the head, brush the mane, brush the tail, sponge the eyes, nose, and clock, ...more

How To : Groom a horse properly

During the grooming process, it's important to be aware of how the horse is being handled. If a horse decided to kick or strike out, it's important to be aware of safety. The right grooming equipment will also make horse care easier. Watch this video animal care tutorial and l ...more

How To : Help Your Cat Groom Itself

Groom your cat with advice from this video. This includes keeping your cat's mouth clean. Petfinder: Cat Grooming : Video : Petfinder. Cats are usually self-cleaning pets but get some tips and tricks for keeping your kitty in top condition.

How To : Groom Your Eyebrows

Groomed eyebrows are key to your whole look, as they make a frame for your face. Aida shows us how to shape and groom your brows in this video. Sparse Brows Use the natural shape of your brow to fill in sparse brows. You can use an eyebrow pencil or an angled brush and taupe ...more

Word Nerds Unite : Planning a SCRABBLE-Themed Wedding

Wedding themes are no rarity, but a SCRABBLE wedding? I never would have guessed, until I came across "10 Ways to Incorporate Scrabble Into Your Wedding" at CasaSugar. Now, I'm one of the biggest SCRABBLE nerds out there, but I could never see myself getting hitched amongst SC ...more

How To : Make a sexy garter belt for your wedding

With all the insane, brain-bursting guest lists, flower arrangements, catering, and dress hunting, your wedding can just as much be the most frustrating and aneurism-inducing day of your life as the most special. Make your wedding day a little less work and a little more fun ...more

How To : Make a tire cake using Fondx fondant or gumpaste

This three tiered tire cake is a perfect Groom's cake for a man who loves cars! For this cake, you will need Fondx brand fondant in jet black, rolled fondant stabilizer, powdered sugar, a rolling pin, a pizza cutter, cooking scissors and a tire mold.

How To : Thread eyebrows with Pursebuzz

Eyebrows are very important because they frame your face and your eyes. Eyebrow threading is the best technique to groom your eyebrows. It can cost $20 a visit to thread your eyebrows, so watch this tutorial to learn how to thread your own eyebrows at home. Use the 1-2-3 techn ...more

How To : Make carnation flower buttoniers for a wedding

Buying flowers for a wedding can be very expensive. This how to wedding videos shows you how to make your own wedding flowers to save money on the big day. Learn to make buttoniers for the groom and groomsmen using carnation flowers. Don't forget to add the baby's breath and g ...more

How To : Celebrate Movember with a sweet moustache

Instructional 'Do It Yourself' video on how to craft a sweet moustache. Try out some of these bold facial hair styles to celebrate Movember. Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a charity event held during November each year. A moustache (or mustache) is facial ...more

News : Bridal Mehandi Design

This beautiful Bridal Mehandi Design shows Bride Groom faces on opposite hands. Beautifully decorated with elephant face and bajaa and shehnai by intricate work.

How To : Ride a horse if you're a beginner

In this video from jumper881 we learn how to ride a horse for beginners. First mount the horse by putting your left foot into the left stirrup. Then grab onto the saddle and pull yourself up. Then hold your reigns with your pinky on the outside and your ring finger on the othe ...more

How To : Shape eyebrows

Learn how to shape and groom your eyebrows by waxing, plucking, threading as well as how to trim and fill in eyebrows with expert eyebrow tips in this free beauty video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Shape eyebrows. Shape eyebrows - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this vid ...more

How To : Create Bridal Mehndi Design in Minutes

Intricate designs are very common in mehendi for the dulhan, because it's her special day and she would most definitely want to amaze everyone around her. This style is great as it features a picture of a bride and groom on the hand. The design includes the musical instrument ...more

How To : Crash a wedding

Learn how to crash a wedding. If you have a free Saturday, we have a way for you to score free food, free cocktails, free dancing—and maybe even a hook-up. Step 1. Find some couples Find an upcoming wedding by studying the wedding announcements in the paper or—if you’re in t ...more

How To : Take care of rabbits

If you're interested in owning a rabbit, or perhaps have one or two already, follow London Vauxhall City Farm's step by step guide to caring for your rabbit. Information is provided on the proper housing and bedding, handling, and diet for your rabbit. Also, learn what rabbits ...more

How To : Saddle a horse, English style

Whether you are out hunting or thinking about joining a derby, you will need to learn to ride a horse first. Before you can ride, you need to saddle the horse. Check out this tutorial for information on how to saddle your pony English style, and then head out and find yourself ...more

How To : Create perfect eyebrows

Eyebrows can make or break any look. Find the shape that fits your face and learn how to groom them at home with this tutorial. This step by step how to video gives you tips to framing your face with the perfect eyebrow shape.

How To : Keep parrots as pets

Want a pet parrot? Learn how to feed, groom, and hold parrots in this free pet care video series from a veterinarian. Part 1 of 11 - How to Keep parrots as pets. Keep parrots as pets - Part 2 of 11. Click through to watch this video on Keep parrots as pets - ...more

How To : Create sexy leopard print eyes

Create sexy leopard print eyes. Fresh Face: Start with what I call a fresh face, which is your clean slate for all of your looks. A fresh face is after you have put concealer and foundation all over the face or only where needed, which ever you prefer. Also groom the eyebrows ...more

How To : Write a Wedding Invitation

How to Write a Wedding Invitation The wording you use for your wedding invitation is very important. Follow these steps to help ensure that your invite is as formal as the big day. Who Paid? The first names that go on the invitation are those of the parents that are paying ...more

How To : Create a loose updo for a beach wedding

For both the bride and groom and the guests, beach weddings are a little messier to deal with. And when it comes to dressing and getting your hair and makeup ready, there are the additional considerations of practicality (you're going to be trotting on sand, after all) includi ...more

How To : Use a Eyebrow Razor

Today we show you how to groom your eyebrows with a Eyebrow Razor! Using an Eyebrow Razor to groom is So Easy a Guy Could Do It! Video: .

How To : Care for horses

In this video series, our expert will show you how to groom and care for a horse. Learn great tips for buying a healthy horse, grooming the horse's head, body and tail, and care for horse hooves. You will also learn about horse care equipment, what and how to feed a horse, how ...more

How To : Apply general face makeup

In this tutorial, we learn how to apply general face makeup. First, apply lotion and primer to your face before you place anything else on your face. To apply your foundation, use a foundation brush and blend together different colors of foundation. Start by applying the found ...more

How To : Earn Trust from Your Rabbit

This is about how to make a rabbit become less wary of you and more trustful with you also. I myself have a Dutch that was released by its previous owner, then I rescued it. She never wants to be took out of her cage, but now she doesn't mind as long as I'm gentle and nice. S ...more

How To : Clip a horse

Electric trimmers are useful for clipping down a horse's coat. Trimming will help keep the horse's bridle path clean. Watch this video animal care tutorial and learn how to groom a horse by clipping the coat. Clip a horse. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Easily fill in your eyebrows

This video shows how to easily fill in your eyebrows. Start with naked eyes and ungroomed eyebrows. First groom your brows with a clean mascara wand to give yourself an idea of how you want your brows to look. Next, using a brush with eyeshadow of your choice start to fill in ...more

News : Highland Bakery is Awesome

ahahahha i love the fat lady. and the shrimp wedding cake. and the groom's head. (BTW, they are also the creators of the ghetto fabulous New Money cakes).

How To : Become a wedding DJ

Do you love music and need a little extra cash? Do you think you have a knack for entertaining others with your rockin' playlists? Check out this video and learn how to turn that musical mind into a career as a wedding DJ. The most memorable part of the wedding reception is th ...more

How To : Create a Best man's speech in PowerPoint

Everyone thinks the bride and groom are having to do all the work day when it's their wedding. No one spares a thought for the poor sap who has to take on the role of Best man. Not only are there some fairly hefty ‘responsibilities' to adhere to, you have to get up in front of ...more

How To : Do a salon-perfect manicure at home

Want to get professional looking results right at home? You can easily do it yourself. Your nails don't have to suffer anymore. A specialist at Sally Hansen gives you expert video advice on doing a salon perfect manicure right at home. Don't waste money at the salon, do it you ...more

How To : Attend a wedding alone

Learn how to attend a wedding alone. Not having a date for a wedding can be a good thing, if you know how to work it. You Will Need * A hotel room * A killer suit or dress * Conversation openers * Dance lessons Step 1. Get a room Reserve a room where the bride and groom su ...more

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