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News : "We Dare", the Sexy Wii Spanking Game for Grown-Ups

Nintendo Wii is ubiquitously known for being a family friendly console, but a recent commercial reveals a risqué release for a steamy, adults-only alternative. Called "We Dare", the game is described as a "sexy, quirky, party game that offers a large variety of hilarious, inno ...more

How To : Make microwavable DIY frozen TV dinners from scratch

TV dinners are a thing of the past for most health-conscious Americans, but did you know you can make your own delicious frozen TV dinners and microwave them whenever you want? This video will give you tips for creating your own TV dinners for the grown-ups.

How To : Select a complementary wine for Thanksgiving

For many grown ups, wine is just as important as turkey on Thanksgiving. While turkey is the food centerpiece, wine offers that perfect splash of alcoholic goodness to offset the flavors of your turkey and side dishes. So if you're going to be entertaining a group of adults i ...more

How To : Throw the perfect Halloween party

This "how to" video segment from the style channel shows how to throw the perfect Halloween party and how to make a special holiday cocktail. Halloween is fun for kids, but can be a great party time for grown ups too. It's a great time to serve some fancy drinks, like the blac ...more

How To : Cook Indian style macaroni and cheese (desi mac)

Now give us a good reason why the grown-ups should be left out when the kids eat that yummy Mac ‘n’ Cheese! Here is a recipe for ‘Desi’ Mac (macaroni and cheese), as the name suggests, is full of flavor and other goodies that you will be proud to eat as well as serve your fami ...more

News : DIY Private-Knock-Knock-Knock Cipher

The secret hideout - a thing of the past, a childhood luxury, an adult-less adventure. Those were the days. And remember the secret knock? The only way in. You either knew it or you didn't. The only way to keep the kids in and the grown-ups out. Well, Steve Hoefer has come up ...more

News : World's Only $68,000 RC Hummer

As Hummer puts it, "The Ultimate Gadget for Grown-Ups".... Dr. James Brighton from Britain's Cranfield University has converted a full size Hummer H3 into a working remote control vehicle. According to U.K.'s the Sun, "It works exactly like a normal vehicle - but is driven ...more

News : Partner frog hop with a jump rope

Joyous. Amazing This is not the funky double dutch variety you see in Harlem. This podcast tutorial is...rather white. Don't let that fool you. My eyes bugged out when I watched this tutorial. Best of all is seeing Trent's three year old son doing perfect tandem jump rope. T ...more

Friday Fresh : Make Katy Perry's Cupcake Boobs & More

This week, we're taking a look at all that's sweet and spicy about Halloween. The time is almost here, and you've got to perfect your look and your treats. Make them something special that anyone will remember! Make Katy Perry's cupcake boobs Have you decided on your costume ...more

News : The Invisible Treehouse

Nearly every kid wants a treehouse (as well as many grown-ups). Personally, it's one of my greatest unfulfilled desires. Let's take the fantasy even further. How about an invisible treehouse? Treehotel is a beautiful series of structures set against the backdrop of Harads, S ...more

How To : 7 Aphrodisiac Cocktails to Put You in the Mood

There are so many cutesy pink, red, and heart-shaped desserts and drinks put out on Valentine's Day, but none of those really get you into a low-light mood. Instead, turn up the heat with one of these aphrodisiac cocktails for grown-ups. What all experts seem to agree on is t ...more

How To : Do the ab twist to tone the obliques

The truth is, it's not about how many repititions of an exercise you do; it's about how well you hold the form and what kind of exercise you do. Heck, you could probably do 1,000 sit ups a day and still have some extra flab on your belly. That's because sit ups only tone the u ...more

How To : Get perfect eyebrows

This is one of the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to eyebrows. Many women become overly aggressive when it comes to plucking their brows and end up with thin or almost nonexistent brow hairs. Unfortunately, eyebrow hairs can take months to grow back and, in some cas ...more

How To : Turn Your HTC One into the Ultimate Gaming Machine

What's the point of having a 1080p screen if you're not using it to get in some quality gaming time? Google Play is great for downloading games, but you probably already have an extensive library of games for your consoles, so use those! Emulators are a dime a dozen, but Retr ...more

News : All the Latest Leaks & Rumors on the Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S9 didn't even hit shelves before fans were already musing about its followup. It's no secret Samsung's newest device, as impressive as it is, is little more than an upgrade to last year's S8. As a result, excitement has begun brewing for what Samsung has in store a ...more

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