Play in FoWsc in Guild Wars : Fissure of Wo Speed Clear

If you're wondering what FoWsc stands for in Guild Wars and what it's all about, here's your lesson. Dooom Box teaches us everything we need to know when it comes to Fissure of Wo Speed Clear: The basics, the parts, the teams, and more. Description from Guild Wars site: "Gui ...more

Tera Online : Shortcomings

No game is perfect. Well maybe except for Super Mario Brothers 3. In the last two posts I've been praising Tera but it's not without its shortcomings. Basic quest system: Playing the game in Korean and without understanding a single world I’ve managed to complete 95% of the ...more

How To : Use Discordway to clear hard mode on Guild Wars

Doom Box explains how to do a hero setup for Guild Wars called "Discordway", so that you can clear hard mode the easy way. Description from Guild Wars site: Guild Wars is a global online roleplaying game. Players can engage in cooperative group combat, in single player advent ...more

How To : Do a spirit bomber ritualist build for Guild Wars

Want to explode your enemies in Guild Wars? Well, it just takes a little build, and Doom Box can help you out. Watch this video as he explains a Rit Build that can explode enemies with 1.21 gigawatts of lightning. Template: OACjESiM5OEbvpjDAAAAAAAAA

News : Guild Wars 2 Manifesto Trailer Video

Are these guys running for politics? I'm buying whatever they are selling. Really great trailer with an overview of what Guild Wars 2 will bring new to the MMO scene. Narrated by the developers of the game, they offer some good points on what you can expect from the game when ...more

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