Harmonized Scale

How To : Study chords & practice playing harmonized scales

This is a video guitar lesson brought to you by andrewwasson.com, and is Part 1 in the series "Harmonized Moveable Chord Shapes". This video lesson covers how to study chords on the guitar neck, and how to practice playing harmonized scales using both triad and seventh chord q ...more

How To : Play the melodic minor scale on the piano

What's the difference between a harmonic minor scale and a melodic minor scale? Well, a melodic minor scale is the scale you'll play that acts as the main tune, or melody, of a song, while a harmonic minor scale is the scale you'll play to harmonize or complement the melodic t ...more

How To : Play the piano

In this video series, learn how to play the piano from expert piano player and professional musician Tony Newton. Tony will teach you basic piano lessons such as proper posture and correct hand positions for the piano. Developing nimble fingers is paramount for great piano pla ...more

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