Friday Fresh : Fake Bigger Boobs And More

Every day of the week, WonderHowTo curators are hard at work, scouring the web for the greatest and most inspiring how-to videos. Every Friday, we'll highlight our favorite finds. Make your breasts look bigger If you want the look of bigger breasts without paying the premium ...more

How To : Do a split

Splits are popular in dance and cheerleading, do you think you can do one? Practice, practice, practice and check out the helpful tips in this video to avoid injury. You Will Need • Flexibility • Time to practice **Never bounce while stretching. Step 1: Warm up Warm up for ...more

How To : Stitch a EZ cross stitch frame

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to use the Stitch EZ Cross Stitch and Needlework Frame. This frame is designed to provide hours of stitching enjoyment without pain to the hands or damage to the fabric. It simply is held under the edge of your leg. It allows users to ...more

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