How To : Improve your oral presentation skills

The ComCoachVideo Tutorial is an online learning environment designed to help students improve their oral presentation skills. The website contains video clips illustrating effective and ineffective public speaking practices, as well as an interactive feedback component design ...more

How To : Figure out the slope of a line

In this video you will learn how to find a slope of a line. The man in the video shows in a practical and easy way, how to do it with formulas. First he teaches how to find slopes of lines containing both negative and positive points. He shows with formulas how to do it. He te ...more

News : Thinking about art school? Think again.

I am not trying to ruin anyones hopes and dreams...BUT... Look, say you go to Graduate school in fine art. You graduate 3 years later, $100,000 in dept. You go into a workforce which is so over saturated, you can't get a job making copies at kinkos. Maybe some schools help s ...more

News : Three Days Without You Activity

Three Days without You Poem Description: This is a sequence poem that will help students transition from one setting and time into another. Pacing will also be another aspect to this poem. Comas will be used as pauses in the poem. Each setting will be divided into separate s ...more

News : Sage Proposal

Sergio Peralta Advisor: Jessica Davis English 3 23rd November 2011 Sage workshop My senior thesis project is creating a writing workshop. It will be called Sage Workshop and will be sponsored by Street Poets. This workshop will be located in FTA. It will be a workshop for ...more

How To : Format a cover letter in Standard Block format

This video goes over cover letter formats, specifically in Full Block Style. Cover Letters accompany resumes in job applications. They should be sent ahead of the resume. They go over your experience, desires and objectives. The cover letter is important to both employers and ...more

How To : Choose a career path that suits you

Schoolteacher looks into choosing your career path. Helping students and people first looking for jobs, in discovering their best suited career path. This video helps with self exploration and thinking "what do I want in my career". This asks people to think about what they wa ...more

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