How To : Make hickory smoked rock cornish game hens

Watch as this husband prepares a meal for his wife. What's on the menu? Hickory smoked, Rock Cornish Game Hens, new potatoes with rosemary, asparagus, tossed salad and fresh berries. You'll learn how to prepare and wash the hen, and a recipe to season it before cooking. Use wi ...more

How To : Mix a Brown Hen cocktail

Learn how to mix a delicious Brown Hen cocktail from a hot girl in this instructional bartending video! Ingredients: * 2 oz Vodka * 1 tsp Angostura bitters * Ice Instructions: Fill glass with ice, then vodka, then bitters. Stir. An easy drink to mix that will show everybod ...more

How To : Make cornish game hen with blackberry sauce

If you are interested in making Cornish game hen, this video series is perfect for you. Our expert chef, Mark Alyn, shows you how make Cornish game hens with a blackberry sauce. Learn how to prepare and clean the hens. Part 1 of 12 - How to Make cornish game hen with blackberr ...more

How To : Plant "Hens and Chicks" succulents

In this how to video you will learn how to plant and propagate a succulent called "Hens and Chicks". This tutorial is great for beginner gardeners and gives great gardening tips. Start your own garden today.

How To : Grill a teriyaki pressed cornish game hen

In this cooking how-to video, Chef Mario creates a savory barbecue experience with his pressed cornish game hen. Follow along with this cooking lesson to learn how to season the cornish game hen with a little teriyaki and a little pepper. Everyone is sure to love this recipe f ...more

How To : Make wine-cooked cornish game hens

How to make wine-cooked cornish game hens Start by cooking some bacon in a pan until it is crispy. Put some flour in a bowl and add some salt and pepper. Take the game hens and dip them in the bowl of flour, salt, and pepper. Then put the game hens in the pan with the bacon g ...more

How To : Identify the common crow when bird watching

If you live in the US then you've probably already seen a crow if you recognized it or not. The common crow has a distinctive if not dramatic appearance and a less than melodic sound. With this information you'll be sure to spot one. The common American crow can be found livi ...more

How To : Cook lemon Cornish hens

This is a video which demonstrates how to cook lemon Cornish hens. This will be a great addition to your dinner repertoire. No one will be able to keep their hands off it. Ingredients: Cast Iron Pan Baby Chickens Olive oil Salt & Pepper Garlic Powder Ground Mustard Chicken Bro ...more

How To : Make a Fancy Madison Hen Night Scrapbooking Page

In this demonstration I show you how I have created a really pretty scrapbooking page using papers from the Madison Collection from Anna Griffin and a great photo of me from my Hen Night. This page is easy to make and gives you some good ideas of how you can cut into papers t ...more

News : The Silver Egg Illusion

This requires a dry hen's egg at room temperature. Hold an egg near a candle flame to cover it with soot. It will need to be completely covered. This is tricky, because if the egg is a tiny bit damp the soot will easily flake off on to your fingers as you turn the egg. Once th ...more

How To : 10 Common Food Myths Debunked

Common knowledge is a funny thing: it represents a majority's opinion on a particular subject and somehow makes that opinion fact. If that 'fact' goes unopposed and unchallenged, then it is passed on and preserved from one generation to the next—regardless of whether it is tru ...more

How To : Make a 3D origami chicken

Grow your paper menagerie as well as your knowledge of origami. This video tutorial presents a complete, step-by-step overview of how to make an impressive 3D chicken using origami, the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding. For more information, and to get started ma ...more

How To : Make Filipino-style fried chicken

Max's Filipino style fried chicken. Takes a spring chicken or a Cornish game hen, ground jack pepper, dried bay leaves, cilantro or parsley, and a pan full of water. Bring water to a steam then add bay leaves and chopped cilantro. Then in a metal colander or strainer place chi ...more

How To : Make chicken curry soup

Watch this cooking tutorial to learn how to make chicken curry soup. Ingredients: Whole Young Chicken/Hen Onions Green Beans Carrots Potatoes Bamboo Shoots Homemade Curry Paste (lemon grass, lime leaves, galangal, rhizome, turmeric powder, garlic, large dried red chili peppe ...more

How To : Get an Egg into a Bottle

Be the life of the party – without wearing a lampshade or starting a conga line – by getting an egg into a bottle. You Will Need * 4 Four wooden matches * 1 A wide-mouth glass bottle that holds at least 20 ounces * 1 A peeled, hard-boiled egg Step 1: Light some matches Strike ...more

How To : Draw a chicken with Jan Brett

Celebrated and award-winning children's illustrator, Jan Brett, shows how to sketch a hen. Learn how to draw a chicken from this instructional video by following Jan's simple instructions that go from making easy shapes to the finished product: a hen. Even kids can follow along

How To : Cut up a chicken for cooking

In this tutorial, professional chef Jason Hill shows you how to cut up a chicken into eight parts and get more bang for your buck. Follow along as Jason shows you exactly where to cut and pull for any recipe. To cut whole chicken, you'll need a good pair of kitchen shears and ...more

How To : Make egg drop soup

Eggs? Soup? What?! You'd be amazed how delicious egg drop soup can be. Check out this video for a tutorial on how to make it. Follow these steps to make delicious, restaurant-style egg drop soup. Step 1: Combine corn starch and broth Pour three-quarters of a cup of the chic ...more

How To : Make traditional Korean chicken soup

Yearning for some authentic Korean cuisine? You don't have to travel to Korea, but just find the right recipe to bring Korea to you! In this video presented by Aeris Kitchen, learn how to make traditional Korean chicken soup! To complete this recipe, you will need the followin ...more

News : Are you dieing?

on the way to meet the jackass crew you predand you got jumped just say that to everybody in the room where the jackass crew are going to be at. And then you get stuff that make's it look like part of your head skin isfalling over and you are dazzing off and then he passout an ...more

News : Paintball Blast

The title of this prank doesn't really tell everything about it. So here it is. Imagine Johnny Knoxville walking down the road among dozens of other pedestrains. Have police sirens blaring in the backround. Have a white van speeding hen come to a screeching halt. Have Bam marg ...more

How To : Make a box trap for live pheasants

Check out this how-to video to make non typical box traps and to catch wild ring necked pheasants (hens). These traps can be modified in size and bait to catch many different species of wild animals alive. This is an idea of a few animals that these traps will catch alive: ri ...more

How To : Care for chickens

In this video series, watch as poultry animal expert Dr. T. K. Roy teaches how to raise chickens. Learn the different breeds of chickens, how to care for laying chickens, how to de-worm a chicken and check it for lice, how to make a chicken nest, and how to sell pant hens. If ...more

How To : Truss poultry

Trussing is a technique that helps poultry keep its shape and cook evenly. This video demonstrates how to truss a chicken, wrap and tie the string, and tuck the wings so your finished roast chicken will look like a picture from a magazine. Note that you can also truss turkey, ...more

How To : Cook turkey pot pie

Cook a hearty turkey pot pie that will be absolutely perfect for a cold winter night. You will need: Game hens, carrots, onions, red potatoes, canned corn, mushrooms and, of course, turkey breast. This recipe is sure to fill you up and leave you satisfied. Follow the instructi ...more

News : News Clips - June 10

3,000 soldiers to serve in Africa next year A brigade will deploy to Africa next year in a pilot program that assigns brigades on a rotational basis to regions around the globe, the Army announced in May. Bilderberg Conference plots more turmoil in Russia This year’s Bilder ...more

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