Homer Simpson

How To : Draw Homer Simpson from Simpsons

This silent video demonstrates visually how to draw a Homer Simpson character beginning with a series of simplistic shapes and lines. The artist begins by drawing two very basic circles for the eyes, then adds a curving line beneath to create the nose. The artist continues bui ...more

How To : Draw the Simpson's Homer Simpson

The video shows you how to draw a Homer Simpson cartoon. Start off with a big circle and a smaller circle below. Draw two slightly diagonal lines to the sides, a slightly curved line below and two lines for the lower part of the head. Then add another circle on the left side o ...more

How To : Draw Homer Simpson from TV's The Simpsons

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to draw Homer Simpson from the animated shot, The Simpson's. Begin by making a light outline of where the top of the head, sides of the head, ear and neck will be. Then do a light sketch of where the mouth, nose and eyes will go. Make ...more

How To : Draw a Homer Simpson rendering

In this how-to video, you will learn how to draw Homer from the television show, The Simpsons. You will need a piece of paper and something to draw with, such as a pen or pencil. First, draw two circles for his eyes. Next, move on to his nose and mouth. From here, you can draw ...more

How To : Draw the cartoon character Homer from The Simpsons

It's time to discover how fun art and drawing is! Learn how to draw the cartoon character Homer Simpson from The Simpsons. Drawing is a way of creating and expressing ourselves, and therefore the result is always beautiful. Drawingnow.com brings you step-by-step drawing tutor ...more

Scrabble Bingo of the Day : BOVINITY

BOVINITY 66 points (16 points without the bingo) Definition: the state of being a bovine [n] At first glance, the definition for bovinity seems a bit too obvious… the state of being an ox-like animal. But outside the world of cattle, it's meant more as a disparaging remark t ...more

Squeal : iPad App Plays the Human Face Like a Theremin

Just as Smule's ocarina app yields the gentle sounds of a woodwind instrument by simply blowing into an iPhone, Squeal promises to emit theremin-esque noises from the iPad with easy fingerplay. Developed as a collaboration between Hong Kong musician/producer/composer Gaybird L ...more

News : All of the Other SCRABBLE Prints & Posters

This is my fourth (and final) installment on SCRABBLE adverts. I'm sure there's a lot I haven't found, but that's for another day. But this post features all of the remaining SCRABBLE advertisements (prints and posters) that haven't already been listed in my previous posts: O ...more

News : The Simpsons Family Gets Scrabbled!

My JO was watching The Simpsons on FOX the other day, like she wholeheartedly does every evening, and I joined her, much like I always do— though I must admit, I'm not as obsessed with the cartoon family as much as she is. Just like she isn't as obsessed with SCRABBLE as I am. ...more

How To : Create a Simpsons doughnut in CINEMA 4D

Who says you can only get Homer's favorite food in Springfield? In the first part of this tutorial, you'll learn how easy it is to make a plain cartoon style (specifically Simpsons style) doughnut using CINEMA 4D. In part two you'll slather it with icing. Part 1 of 2 - How to ...more

News : Mad Men Opening Parody

Not a movie but Mad Men is a great TV Show with a nice opening and fantastic Key Art. The AMC Mad Men Original Opening Title Sequence The Simpsons Opening Title Sequence Parody - Quite a classic with Homer playing Don Draper.

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