Homopolar Motor

How To : Make a homopolar motor

Turn yourself into an electromagnetism maestro with one of the simplest motors known to man—the homopolar motor. It's the "simplest motor" because of its absent polarity change. The magnetic field does not change the direction or strength. It consists of only three parts; copp ...more

News : Make a homopolar motor

Weekend fun. Foolproof. An ingenious melange of idiocy, electrical currents, arts and crafts. Nuf said. Wonderhowto. Traversing the long tail of curiosity. Make a homopolar motor.

How To : Make a homopolar motor

This video shows you how to make a homopolar motor. First of all things you need to make motor are AA battery, couple of magnets and copper wire. Now take magnet and attach it to the negative end of battery, now take a copper wire and bend it to the shape shown in the video an ...more

How To : Make the world's simplest homopolar engine

Learn how to make the the simplest homopolar motor there is with just a regular battery, a small watch battery, and a formed copper wire. This is really as simple as a homopolar motor gets. Two batteries and some wire... that's it!

How To : Make a working motor out of a magnet

You can make a very simple homopolar motor using just a basic clamp, two strong magnets, a battery and a little bit of wire. Once you've completed the circuit, you'll be able to suspend a drywall screw between the battery and the magnet. Then watch it go!

News : Create perpetual energy - almost

Is perpetual energy possible? The debate rages on. And they just keep trying. This particular device may not be perpetual, but it is far more efficient than, say a homopolar motor. The magnet in this device, the creation of our friend HowieD, propels the rotation, powering ...more

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