GHOST PHISHER : Security Auditing Tool

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my post. We have seen a numerous GUI Tool in kali linux. Armitage, wireshark, Burpsuite etc,. Lets see an another GUI tool. GHOST PHISHER: Open terminal and type ghost-phisher and you will see various tabs ghost phisher has cool features : 1.HTTP S ...more

How To : Host multiple websites on your Mac Mini server

How to Use Your Mac as a Server: Turn your Mac Mini into a server! Yes, that's right, with a little know-how and a little spunk, you can turn an inexpensive Mac Mini computer into a server to provide services over you network. You won't even need the Mac OS X Server, just the ...more

How To : Host a New Year's Eve Party on a Budget

If you want to avoid the hassle of going out on New Year's Eve, you can always host your own New Year's Eve celebration at home—and it doesn't have to cost a lot, either. A few basic tips: Host your party after dinnertime so guests don't expect full entrees. Limit your guest ...more

News : Google+ Hosts First Hangout on Air with

One of the most exciting new features announced by Google+ was the ability to broadcast hangouts live via YouTube, which was recently demonstrated with the very first Google+ Hangout On Air with of the Black Eyes Peas. Before the official Hangout On Air, ...more

How To : Hack a Virtual Host, or vhost, with PHP

This hacker's guide demonstrates a quick PHP script which may allow you to crawl through the operating system on your hosting provider. demonstrate the power of PHP on a Virtual Host, or vhost, if PHP is not correctly secured by your web hosting provider. For more information ...more

How To : Use SELinux Targeted Policy to Secure Your Hosts

Hackers often rely on lazy system admins and unpatched vulnerabilities to get access to a host. Keeping intruders off of our machines requires us to update daily, only run the services we need, and read the code, among other things, but we can still make mistakes. Luckily for ...more

How To : Host a Wild Turkey Tasting Party

American whiskeys tend to get an undeservedly bad rap from Scotch whisky snobs. Prove haters wrong by inviting them over for an American bourbon tasting with your favorite Wild Turkey varieties. Choose Your Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskeys The best part of having a tasting is ge ...more

How To : Use the hosts file in Windows XP

DNS spoofing - how to use the hosts file in Windows XP to block unwanted spyware/popups/etc, block programs from reporting to a site, filter/block/redirect websites, and locally create forward lookups (IP to name resolution in network)

How To : Host an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party

AMICLUBWEAR created a tutorial on how to host a tea party based on "Alice in Wonderland". The video begins with a step by step instructional on how to make tissue paper "flowers" as decorations for your tea party. The tissue papers are layered in opposite colors, after which t ...more

How To : Use CompuHost for karaoke shows

CompuHost karaoke software is a great way to organize karaoke events you schedule. Learn how to use CompuHost software to host karaoke shows in this free tutorial video. Use CompuHost for karaoke shows - Part 1 of 25. Click through to watch this video on Use ...more

How To : Make or host conference calls with your iPhone

The iPhone supports conference calling capabilities with up to six people. You can even transition from a single-person call to a conference call, or transition from call to call. This tutorial shows you how to make the most of your multi-line call functions in your iPhone.

How To : Create FTP shortcuts using the Windows HOSTS file

If you have your own domain, odds are you do things from FTP from time to time. In this tutorial, you'll learn a technique for making FTP shortcuts with the Windows HOSTS file, which will allow you to simplify the process. The time you save will be your own.

How To : Set up a Filemaker Pro database for remote hosting

FileMaker hosting and the top two reasons for hosting a FileMaker database are covered in this two part series. The second series is a complete step-by step tutorial for setting up your database for remote hosting. Part 1 of 2 - How to Set up a Filemaker Pro database for remot ...more

How To : Use imgur for easy photo-hosting

Taking photos is great, but what about being able to share them with the world wide web? There are countless of image hosting options out there to get your photos on the internet, but imgur is probably one of the simplest and easy image uploading sites out there. Most of them ...more

How To : Make a Ghost Buster cocktail for Halloween

Are you hosting a big gettogether for Halloween? Sure, you'll probably deck your house out in spooky, haunted decor that will frighten guests in the most exciting way possible, but what about your food? While it's easy to drive over to Ralph's and pick up a plate of ghost-shap ...more

How To : 5 Ways to Host a Dinner Party for Under $25

To be twentysomething is an awkward time for entertaining. As we graduate college and begin to work in “the real world,” there is a yearning to transition from keg parties into dinner soirées. However, though the desire is there, often the bank account is not. Here are some wa ...more

How To : Rename your name servers with your hosting servers

Edit name servers in the domain management area. If you're buying domain and web hosting from a single provider, like Hostgator, then the domain name automatically has a corresponding host. But if you buy a domain (from & host (hostgator) from different providers, t ...more

How To : Add domains to your GoDaddy hosting plan

Adding domains to your GoDaddy hosting plan can be done by following the steps Ken Applebee outlines in this video tutorial. Once at the GoDaddy main home page, click on My Hosting Account under the Hosting tab at the top of the screen. Log in and go to your account with the h ...more

How To : Host an Improv comedy show

Les McGehee shows you how to host an Improv comedy show. Part 1 of 21 - How to Host an Improv comedy show. Host an Improv comedy show - Part 2 of 21. Click through to watch this video on Host an Improv comedy show - Part 3 of 21. Click through to watch this v ...more

How To : Host your first Christmas dinner

Hosting your first holiday dinner? These tips & tricks will help you pull together a fabulous party without losing your holiday spirit or mind! You Will Need: • Adequate seating and tableware • All the family's favorite foods • Christmas ornaments or bunches of red and gre ...more

How To : Host your own teamspeak server

This will show you how to host your own teamspeak server for PC games. Very simple and easy, hope you learn something from it. Host your own teamspeak server. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Host a successful open house at a Pilates studio

This clip presents a number of tips on hosting an open house at your Pilates club or studio. Whether you're considering the possibility of starting your own Pilates studio or already have one and just need a little help tackling a particular pedagogical problem, you're sure to ...more

How To : Host a backyard barbecue like a professional

Do you like going to parties but hate hosting them because it is just too work? Watch this video tutorial from Better TV to learn how to host a back yard barbecue party like a pro. Get the help of your friends and delegate tasks too to make the BBQ more fun and less overwhelming.

How To : Migrate your website from one web host to another

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to move a hosted domain from one hosting service to another. It's an easy process and this video presents a complete guide. For more information, including a full demonstration and detailed, step-by-step instructions, watch this helpful home- ...more

How To : Host a successful wine tasting party's Shira Lazar visits Grace Restaurant to receive expert tips on tasting, serving, and picking out the perfect wine for your wine party. Wine tasting can be an elegant gathering, or a fun party with friends. Wines should be selected with the food serving in mind. Learn h ...more

How To : Choose a web hosting company

In this video about choosing a web hosting company. The narrator begins by saying that web pages are hosted on servers; the files that make up a web site are hosted or stored on a server. The narrator recommends a service called Host Gator. He indicated they are reliable and p ...more

How To : Host a Small and Intimate Celebration for Thanksgiving

With the economy still rocky, many people can't afford to travel or host large, lavish Thanksgiving dinners. Even if you're planning on just having a small family gathering, here's how you can tweak some traditions to still have a memorable, intimate Thanksgiving. Video: .

How To : Be a good host

Learn how to be a good host. Party-planning can be tricky, but you don't have to be Martha Stewart to be a good host. Step 1. Decide whom to invite Decide whom to invite. Choose guests who will get along, but don’t be afraid to push the envelope. Mix Democrats with Republica ...more

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