How To : Get Free Wi-Fi from Hotels & More

Often times when staying at a hotel or anywhere for that matter, you'll whip out your laptop and check the local area for Wi-Fi. I know you've all been in my shoes when you find an unsecured network that appears to be public Wi-Fi belonging to the hotel or airport, and you con ...more

How To : Play the "Hotel California" solo by the Eagles

Check out this two part how to video and learn the solo to Hotel California by the Eagles. Hotel California is one of the most popular classic rock songs. This lesson is designed for the beginner to intermediate guitar player. With this tutorial you can impress your friends by ...more

How To : Play "Hotel California" by the Eagles on guitar

Want to play "Hotel California" by the Eagles? See how it's done with this free video guitar lesson, which presents a complete breakdown of the song and it chords. While this tutorial is geared toward those who already have some knowledge of the guitar, players of all skill le ...more

How To : Protect yourself from bed bugs in a hotel room

This "Good Morning America" insightful video reveals the truth of hotels room, and what you can do to protect yourself. You'll meet those silent vampire'esque creatures known as bed bugs, you'll even see urine stains on the wall. But, of course you want to be able to travel an ...more

How To : Spot bed bugs in your hotel room

In this tutorial, we learn how to spot bed bugs in your hotel room. Take the headboard off of the bed to see if you can spot the bedbugs and black flecks, which are blood specks from the bugs. You should also be able to see the bugs walking around, although they will be very s ...more

How To : Do a 20 minute hotel workout

Jeff Kunard's 20 Min. hotel workout is demonstrated in this series, so that you can use it on your next hotel stay. Part 1 of 3 - How to Do a 20 minute hotel workout. Do a 20 minute hotel workout - Part 2 of 3. Click through to watch this video on Do a 20 minute hote ...more

How To : Check into a hotel in the English language

In this episode there will be useful words you need when you check into a hotel and review of the passive voice in the English language. This video is great for advanced, intermediate, and beginner learning to speak the English as a second language (ESL).

News : Futuristic underwater hotel cabin

It's a futuristic getaway vacation spot under the ocean! (Kind of the reverse of a fallout shelter :) Replete as usual with silly signs. Redmechanic (also known as my son) helped with the redstone contraptions for insta-new items. woodspeople

How To : Learn Russian phrases when checking into a hotel

Check out this instructional Russian language video to learn Russian as Russians speak it. This is Theme 9, Lesson 2 in the series. Practice your Russian listening skills by listening to the dialogue presented in this language video. Learn Russian phrases when checking into a ...more

How To : Check into a hotel in Spanish

Here are 10 Spanish phrases to help you not only find a hotel room but to find one with all of the amenities you want. Subtitles are included for help with pronunciation.

How To : Cook food on a hotel iron & survive in a bad hotel

In this video, get real travel tips from a professional flight attendant. If you travel as much as a flight attendant does, you are bound to wind up in some horrible motels along the way. In this video, learn fleabag motel survival skills from a pro. This clip focuses on cook ...more

How To : Decorate your hotel room for the holidays

Traveling for Christmas? You don't have to forego holiday decorations just because you're celebrating from a hotel room! This tutorial shows you a few tips, like window decals and tabletop Christmas trees, that you can use to maintain the festive spirit while traveling.

How To : Practice hotel room yoga with Tara Stiles

Here are some yoga moves you can do in your hotel room to keep you feeling great during your travels! Just because you're on vacation or on a business trip doesn't mean you can't practice a little bit of yoga to keep yourself fit and healthy. Watch this video fitness tutorial ...more

How To : 7 Tips for Booking a Cheap Hotel Room

If you know where you need to book a hotel for traveling but aren't too picky about the hotel brand or exact neighborhood, book a hotel room for a discounted rate at or Once you book the hotel, then the exact hotel name and location is revealed to yo ...more

How To : Do a revitalizing yoga workout in your hotel room

When we think of yoga, the image of a lanky hippie toting a sticky mat in one hand and POM juice in the other usually comes to mind. But in reality, everyone can do yoga and a sticky mat is not always required. If you're traveling a lot for your job and your back is sore from ...more

How To : Make the most out of any hotel stay

Hotels are anonymous and while this is a great thing, you should also be careful about the nameless folks who've used your room before you. Follow this tutorial to make the most of your hotel and ensure a great vacation experience. You Will Need: * Inquisitiveness * Knowledge ...more

How To : Pronounce hotel related words in Russian

Check out this instructional Russian language video to learn Russian as Russians speak it. This is Theme 9 in the series. Practice your Russian listening skills by listening to the dialogue presented in this language video. Learn words related to hotels. It aims at improving ...more

How To : Say basic phrases for booking a hotel in Polish

If you're booking a trip to Poland, you'll need to reserve a hotel room. This tutorial goes over several questions and phrases you'll want to ask when you book your room, such as pricing, meal availability and directions. This video teaches you how to spell as well as pronounc ...more

How To : Use Hotel Room Safety Tips

Check out this instructional video to learn how to use hotel room safety tips. Make your vacation or business trip uneventful when it comes to staying safe in your hotel. Check out these tips for keeping you, and your stuff, safe when you're sleeping away from home. Hotel Room ...more

How To : Play "Black" by Tokio Hotel on guitar

Learn how to play "Black" by Tokio Hotel, an acoustic guitar tutorial. Follow along with this demonstration, tabs and lyrics here: Tuning: Eb Intro: E|———————————————/ B|———————————————/ G|———————————————/ D|—5—————————————–/ A|-6—65-5————————————/ E|———–665/33—————————-/ ...more

How To : Do easy, relaxing yoga in your hotel room

Barely able to lift your head off your bed to do exercise? No problem, the exercise can come to you! This yoga tutorial shows you how to do a few yoga poses on your own bed. Exercises like hamstring stretches and the pigeon stretch relax your muscles from a long day of back-b ...more

How To : Book the best hotel room for your money

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to book the best hotel room for your money. You've spent all year saving up for your dream vacation. The last thing you want is to end up in a hotel room that ruins the whole trip. You Will Need * Time to research * A computer with inte ...more

How To : Get a hotel upgrade

Okay, Mr. Thrifty, you reserved the least expensive hotel room that you could. But your inner Donald Trump doesn’t want to settle for low-frills. Go ahead, it never hurts to ask. Watch this video to learn how to get a hotel upgrade. Step 1. Check rewards program Before you b ...more

How To : Use common hotel phrases in Japanese

In this free video language lesson, you'll learn how to use basic hotel vocabulary in Japanese. With Japanese, as with any other language, a few key nouns and phrases (and knowing how to properly pronounce them) can go a long way. For more information, and to get started speak ...more

News : Hotel Pool Surprise

all the jackass guys take laxative and then make ther way to a hotel and everyone takes a huge sloppy shit and then run off, and keep cameras by the pool so everyone can see the halarious reaction. Warnings dont get caught

How To : Play "Final Day" by Tokio Hotel on guitar

Learn how to play "Final Day" by Tokio Hotel, an acoustic guitar tutorial. Follow along with this demonstration, tabs and lyrics here: Intro & First Verse E|------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------| D ...more

How To : Eat healthy when traveling and staying at hotels

Eating well at home is actually rather easy if you pre-plan what you're going to eat, prepare your own food, and control where you get that food. But once you start traveling the food available to you becomes much more limited, mostly to vending machine gummi bears and chips. ...more

News : The Hotel Room Hangover

Warnings This prank was thought out to be performed by people such as the Jackass crew and on another Jackass member. Rent a couple of hotel rooms for a weekend You and some other friends plot who you will make a prank on. Designate people that will bring that friend to a ...more

News : Snakes in a Hotel

Build a fake hotel bed that is entirely hollow. Have it look like it’s just a normal bed with sheets on the side and everything. Fill the hollow bed with snakes (like in Indiana Jones: last crusade) Rig the sheets on a pulley system to rip in the center and pull off to the ...more

News : Donkey Hotel

Call into a fancy hotel, that allows pets. tell them you have two animals that need to stay one night with you. If they ask you have two little dogs. when you get to the hotel and walk in with two donkeys, and try to register. No matter what they tell you you think they are ...more

How To : Stay in a hotel or motel with a dog

Now more than ever, families are including their furry friends on vacation. So, to ensure a safe and fun-filled trip, we'll prepare you for things you need to plan ahead for when staying in a hotel with your dog. This segment will review necessary items to bring, and important ...more

Travel Destinations : The Ice Hotel

Located about 40 minutes from Quebec City, this enchanting crystalline palace is something out of a dream. It's worth spending a night at least once in a lifetime.

How to Hack Wi-Fi : Selecting a Good Wi-Fi Hacking Strategy

Welcome back, my rookie hackers! So many readers come to Null Byte to learn how to hack Wi-Fi networks (this is the most popular hacking area on Null Byte) that I thought I should write a "how-to" on selecting a good Wi-Fi hacking strategy. Many beginners come here looking t ...more

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