News : Canon 7D PL Hotrod Mod

Hot Rod Cameras Website Anyone out there shot with one of these yet? I guess lucasfilm is using it on their "Red Tails" film.

How To : Make a car couch

Why sit on a regular old couch when you can get in the fast lane? Guru Brian shows how he made the hotrod-inspired furniture featured in Episode 5 of My Home 2.0.

How To : Draw flames

Dirt Design Graphics will show your how to draw a firey hotrod flames. Flames are like a series of water drops. There are many different types of flames you can draw. You can see the difference in the more angular tribal flames which you get by adding a kind of hook at the end ...more

How To : Apply bondo to your hot rod for an even surface

How to Use Bondo - Slingin' Mud. Enjoy this full length video from Hotrod Magazine. Learn the basics of how to use and apply bondo to create an even metal surface in this video titled Slingin' Mud. Apply bondo to your hot rod for an even surface. Click through to watch this ...more

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