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How To : Make a mini blow dart gun

Blow darts meet western culture in this great, fun, and easy to follow tutorial video. Learn how to make a mini blowpipe and mini darts with shoelaces. Most, if not all, of the ingredients for this recipe are probably in your home or office already. We wouldn't recommend tryin ...more

News : 6 Mind-Blowing Ways to Wear Your Steampunk Goggles

This list may not blow your mind as much as it may make you want to blow your brains out, depending on how tired you are of goggles in Steampunk. Steampunk has a love/hate relationship with goggles. It's generally agreed within the community that goggles aren't at all necessa ...more

How To : Diagnose and replace a blown head gasket

A blown head gasket is a very serious problem, in fact, if you have one, your car probably isn't running. But, just because your car isn't running, doesn't mean you've blown the head gasket. In this video series, you'll learn how to find, check, and replace or repair a leaking ...more

How To : Repair a blown subwoofer

OK, you've done it, you've blasted your DJ set just a little too loud and now your speakers are dust. Well, before you rush out and replace them, why not try repairing them on your own? That's right, with this how to video you can take the necessary steps and breath new life b ...more

How To : Blow bubble rings underwater

Anyone can blow bubbles with that soap formula and a bubble wand, but what about blowing bubbles rings underwater. It surprisingly, isn't too much different from blowing regular bubbles underwater. You'll need to be able to hold your breath for a long time and to be able to st ...more

How To : Make a blow job cocktail drink

The American Bartender's School shows how to make a blow job mixed drink. Use some kalua for your blow job mixed drink, especially if you are more interested in coffee than in blow jobs.

How To : Make a blow pen dart gun with household items

You may not know it, but common household items can be manipulated to make various gadgets and tools. But they can also be used to create dangerous weapons. In this tutorial, you will find out how to make a blow pen dart gun using common household items. Now, before attemtping ...more

How To : Move your jaw to blow smoke rings

Smoking rings or smoke O's, what ever you like to call them, this how to video tutorial will show you how to make them. Watch to get tricks and tips for blowing perfectly round smoke rings. Use your shisha smoke to make these o's and impress your friends. It is all in the move ...more

How To : Blow bubbles from blank CDs

The CD bubble trick. So simple, fun, and clever. Learn how to blow a bubble from a blank cd. Necessities: Unwanted CD Lighter Screwdriver or anything else to scratch off the top layer *note, you can also use the plastic disc that comes with a CD or DVD spindle. That way yo ...more

How To : Make a blowgun and blowdart for under five bucks

Check out this video on how to make a blowgun and blowdart, but more importantly, how to make a blow gun and dart for under five dollars. All you need is a common metal coat hanger, a pair of scissors, a pair of dikes, a cheap piece of conduit, some foam pipe wrap, duct tape a ...more

How To : 15 Mind-Blowing Ways to Use Leftover Pickle Juice

Pickles come in all shapes, sizes, and names (gherkins in the UK, cornichons in France). There are even crazy flavors such as koolickles—dill pickles soaked in a mixture of Kool-Aid and brine, an American South favorite. Whatever sort of pickle tickles your fancy, you can coun ...more

How To : Blow-dry short hair

To blow dry short hair, bend head over, blow dry the hair up, and brush the hair out. Apply product to add volume or curl to short hair in this free video on haircare from an experienced hairdresser.

How To : Make a paper blow-dart gun

This tutorial provides easy instructions on how to make a blow-dart gun from magazines, needles & thread, super-glue, scotch tape, and tissue paper. So easy to make, even a 9 year-old can make them. These are great for distance shooting for those of you with stronger lungs! En ...more

News : Blow human-sized giant bubbles

These bubbles are incredible. The key to their stable state is in the homemade bubble recipe. This ain't no kid's play anymore. These bubbles are industrial powered, made with surgical lubricants and glycerine. They're virtually unpoppable! Make giant soap bubbles.

News : Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown

Danny MacAskill, the greatest stunt cyclist in the world, returns. Know of someone superior? Show us. Email us at Previously, The Amazing, Amazing Danny MacAskill.

How To : Install a Blow Off Valve

In this episode the Mighty Car Mod team shows you how to install a blow off valve. NOTE: make sure you have the right pipe or connections from the new BOV to your motor type - otherwise welding may be required.

How To : Make a paper gun that shoots without blowing

If you ever wanted to create a paper gun that didn't require you to blow into it, then this video tutorial will show you how. The narrator in this video demonstrates and guides you through the entire process of creating your own paper firearm, with bullets also made of paper. ...more

How To : Blow dry hair to create a wavy style

Hair doesn't need to be naturally wavy to create a wavy look, and it can be done without the use of any fussy curling irons. For a wavy look using a hair dryer, first of all dry the hair 80% dry so that it remains somewhat moist. With a wide brush, begin to brush a section of ...more

How To : Blow consistently perfect smoke rings

Smoking is injurious to health, we all know this fact, but sometimes its fun to know what kind of tricks you can actually pull off while smoking. By opening your mouth to form an oval shaped aperture and blowing the smoke out by raising and lowering the lower jaw (the present ...more

How To : Make confetti guns, sky guy & foam party with a blower

Mod your leaf blower by attaching a vacuum hose and use it as a party prop creator. Make a foam party or a confetti cannon to excite your guests. You can also make a sky guy, the creature that gets your attention at every intersection with its crazy blowing arms!

How To : Yumi's Guide to Easter Egg Blowing

Get crafty this Easter weekend with egg blowing, a technique where you poke holes on the ends of raw eggs and blow out all the yolk so that you can use the empty, still-intact eggshells for painting and decorating. Fun for the whole family, and all that huffing and puffing jus ...more

How To : Stop the AC from blowing hot on Chevy Colorado pickup

The air conditioner in your car is supposed to keep your cool, so if yours is blowing hot air all the time you're probably pretty pissed. If you own a Chevy Colorado and your condenser is good, watch this video to learn a fix that may get your AC working again.

How To : Make a paper blowgun and darts

In this video, we learn how to make a paper blow gun and darts. You will need a needle, paper, tape and scissors to make this. First, roll up two sheets of paper to make a tub and tape it to keep its shape in the middle and on the ends. To make the bullet, roll up another piec ...more

News : Is the Lady Gaga Blow Up Doll Anatomically Accurate?

The pervs at our office tried to buy the Official Lady Gaga blow up doll yesterday. It was recently introduced with lots of fanfare by aptly named company, pipedream products. Sadly, not yet available. Enquiring minds just want to know. Which incarnation of Lady Gaga was lice ...more

How To : Blow dry perfect curls

Ever tried blow drying curls, only to make a frizzy mess? Beautiful curls can be achieved with a hair dryer and the right technique. Begin with shampooed, dried and combed hair. Apply moisturizer all over the hair and uniformly penetrate it while the head is upside down. Begin ...more

How To : Fix a blown-out sky in Adobe Photoshop

Looking for a guide on how to fix an overexposed sky? With Adobe Photoshop, it's easy. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular image editing software or simply looking to pick up a few new tips and tricks, you're sure to benefit from this free video tutorial from the folks at Br ...more

How To : Blow a hard boiled egg out of its shell

Chrischee explains to us why the first take went wrong. Then he goes on to give us detailed instructions on how to prep the hard boiled egg in order to be able to blow the shell off. Make sure to pay close attention as he cracks a hole at the top and bottom of the egg. Kids wi ...more

News : YouTube's Hottest Bubblegum Blowers

And by hottest, I mean most popular. These ladies have got skills. I want to be as good as them, and I've already begun my research. If you're also interested in joining the ranks of hottest bubble gum blowers, go here for some beginners tips. The lineup: Susan Montgomery W ...more

How To : Fold a blow up origami paper cube

First of all you need a standard paper of size 8 by 11.5 inches and a scissors. Step1. Take one corner of the paper and then fold it to meet the other side. Now press the diagonal and then crease it. Step2. Use the scissors to cut off the extra portion from the bottom of the ...more

News : This Will Blow Past Airport Security

Papercraft guns are the new origami. The new origami for boys, that is. WonderHowto and YouTube are chock full of paper gun tutorials. Many models are simple, but some are impressively realistic, not to mention functional. My personal favorite (unfortunately no tutorial) is t ...more

How To : Make blow darts without a shoelace

Check out this instructional weapons video to learn how to make blow darts without using a shoelace. You will need the following materials: scissor, straw, pin (with a head), tape, post-it note (or regualar paper). Just follow the simpe instructions outlined in this gun tutori ...more

How To : Make a blow gun out of a broken airsoft gun

Airsoft guns are the guns of choice for many wargamers, and if your favorite one has broken it's a sad day. But wait! As long as the shooting mechanism still works you can make your broken gun into a powerful blow gun! This video will teach you how.

How To : Blow dry hair with a diffuser

When using a diffuser to blow-dry hair, turn the blow-dryer on low to keep curls from breaking apart and frizzing. Find out more about using diffusers, including substituting tube socks as diffusers, in this free how to video on haircare from an experienced hairdresser.

How To : Blow smoke rings out of your mouth

In this video, we learn how to blow smoke rings out of your mouth. When you're blowing these, it'll take a little while to learn, but you will learn with practice. You can use your mouth the blow them out, just make your mouth like a fish shape. Then, open up your mouth while ...more

How To : Blow the peel off a hard boiled egg

Take an egg, and boil it for some time. Then take the boiled egg into your hand, then hit the smaller edge of egg to a hard object and remove some peel and take the larger side and do same procedure and remove peel. Then blow with your mouth heavily into the smaller side so th ...more

How To : Make a paper blow dart gun

Want to make a paper blow dart gun? Watch this video and learn! Making a "lethal" blow dart gun, that too, out of paper, couldn't possibly get easier than this. The video, in a simple and easy way describes how one can turn a harmless old magazine into a potent blow dart gun. ...more

How To : Make a paper blow gun / spit ball gun

Take a paper and roll it into a circle shape vertically that you can see from one side to other side through the hole. Using plaster you attach the paper ends. Then take a scissor and cut a small portion on the roll, and fit a small roll of same type which i mentioned above in ...more

News : Blowtorches Aren't Just for Crème Brûlée

One of the most mind-blowing meals I ever ate occurred when I was 12 years old. The main course and sides were good, if unmemorable, but my jaw dropped during dessert when my friend's mother whipped out a blowtorch—as in a bona fide welding torch from the hardware store—to fin ...more

How To : Make a paper blow-dart gun out of office supplies

This is a video tutorial on how to make a blow-dart gun out of office supplies. If a sturdy pipe isn't available, we can make one by rolling up magazine pages and taping them together. Darts can be made out of the same magazine's pages by cutting out squares, rolling them into ...more

How To : Blow a harmonica through a 12 bar blues changes

In a three part series on how to blow harp through 12-bar blues changes, moving one particular riff--root, fifth, flat seventh, octave--up a fourth (for the IV chord) and a fifth (for the V chord). Gussow is using a D harp. Part 1 of 3 - How to Blow a harmonica through a 12 ba ...more

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